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Monday, July 20, 2009


At the behest of a President I place my trust/faith in, I'll say my bit and lobby congresspersons for REAL CHANGE in our broken healthcare system (my point of reference being the movie SICKO, and also some intuition from my experience with various mental health facilities).

No Smoking
First off, I hope Barack has quit smoking.

Secondly, I hope healthcare becomes available to everyone (not just nationally, but globally as well). I believe healthcare is and should be a human right, in a human community that puts the care into healthcare. Or thrive, an even better word, like Kaiser says, to emphasize the proactive and preventive aspects of people taking responsibility for themselves through healthy living. But a lot (most?) need help.

Thirdly, our country absolutely needs effective health reform, and by yesterday. We should vote out of office any congressperson who stands in the way of intelligently designed and revised systems of healthcare. We should use ideas with proven effectiveness, from around the world, as well as a constant process of innovation.

Free Health Information
Fourthly, I just stumbled upon (not through stumbleupon) HARVARD open course ware, where anyone with a computer can get instruction from the Harvard medical school. Ugh- this ocw link only works for paying students, presumably only admitted to H. I think this bites, blows, and sucks- to use some common medical terminology. EVERYTHING should be online, no?

A Broader Perspective
Fifth, I would point out my summaries of certain chapters from SWBP as references for positive courses of action for the healthcare community (unified less by money, I would hope, than for relationships of gratitude and personal satisfaction in providing an invaluable service). These are: drugs (legalize it, it being All of them), hunger and malnutrition (of course), disease control, unsafe water and lack of sanitation, conflicts, terrorism, biodiversity loss, air pollution, and last but not least, lack of education. These are global problems; specifically the world's BIGGEST problems. I wanted to say I'm for the poorest first, and then work your way up, but again, I think health is such a priority that the entire globe should care about being fed, fit, friendly, and feliz, as a whole-which would require a massive period of intelligently directed overhaul of as many problems as possible, building upon a snowball effect. That's my contribution. I want it all, and I want it now.

Schools providing nutritious food is a good idea that comes to mind.

Okay, I'll just go off on whatever comes to mind: bicycle lanes, mental health that works, and personally, I'd be delighted if cigarrettes, as just another drugh, would be only permissable under the monitored conditions a legalized drug-using society would entail. Like maybe only in certain locations, but not in bars or on the street. Second-hand smoke seriously sucks.

I absolutely f---ing hate having to breath that cancerous sh--. Even without cigarrettes, I want one of those air filter things. argh. On some level, I'm of the opinion that smokers are saying "just kill me," what Freud would call the thanatos. It's fricking sickening.

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