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Thursday, February 23, 2017

A meditation on evil

Universal Evil

Okay wtf. I mean, really: What The Fuck.
Praise God, hooray Jesus, Hitler: boo! NOT.
I mean, really: Jesus, if he ate meat, was more evil than Hitler, who was a vegetarian.   Nobody knows, for a fact.  But the argument can be made.

Nobody's perfect, I guess.  Even God. Only God is good?  There is no God. To make God real, you have to become Him.  It's a form, a concept, a role.  And there's no such thing as perfection. Thou shalt not kill? Try not eating. Even vegetarians kill plants. The price of sin is death, they say. Nobody lives forever. Or is it the “wages” of sin. Paid in death. Make a killing, get stinking rich, kill 'em all (healthy: thy hell!). Murder, mr. dr. So that's what education tells us. Get an edge on life.  Grow up and become a doctor. A medical professional. A professor. Make red to make green. Bloody hell.   Nature is red in tooth and claw. Human nature is, if you believe the priests, vampirism and cannibalism; you are what you eat, so we eat and drink God.   God is good.  Finger lickin' good. 

The fact is, do whatever you want before you die: we're all destined for oblivion.  Nothing matters.  There's evil, and there's less evil.  But no one is good. 

After all, Hitler was just talking, freedom of speech, and it's even possible he didn't actually kill anyone, personally (besides himself). And Hitler was kind to animals, while the SAD (standard american diet) gorges itself on dead animal flesh, the painful sacrifice to unending, unendurable human aggravation, the cause of vast suffering to cows, pigs, chickens, fish...

What about whales? Eating zillions of krill. Alive, no less. That's an atrocity, as normal as breathing, you don't see Greenpeace with save the krill signs. (the blue whale can eat up to 40 million krill/day!)

Morality is a joke. Everybody is a piece of shit. Mother Theresa thought suffering was a gift from God. The pope, a Jesuit (who try to see God in all things), would therefore logically see sadistic torture as Godly. I remember a high school preacher going on about the “redemptive value of suffering.” This is nuts. Fuck you, world.  Well, not everybody.  But it sure seems like it, sometimes.

The world is mad. And they make metake medications.  Ugh.  Of course, I have the clarity to write this now, while on olanzapine and risperidone.   I wonder what would I be writing, off?  So anyway, when victims' families declare their desire for the guilty to "burn in hell"... that's kind of a joke, too.   In reality, that's just hoping the perp will forget to use sunscreen in Norway (!)

For the sake of argument, I want to say schizophrenics are the only truly sane. That voice in your head? It's not God, an angel, spirits of the dead, your conscience, your subconscious, or even necessarily who it sounds like: it's just a dick, a sadistic fuck who enjoys bothering you.  Everybody is the devil.  Because that's what life is, a game of aggravation. Life's a bitch, and then you die. Schizos are 8x more likely to commit suicide. 40% attempt, and 5-13% succeed. There's no escape. At least I'm telling you the truth. There's virtue in that, I guess. Now go enjoy that hamburger.


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