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Monday, January 16, 2017

Types of Sin

10 words, 5 types?
You are free to construct your own typology, of course

For Catholics,
the categories are omission/commission, mortal/venial, and original.
mortal is also called serious, or grave

there's also the 7 "deadly" sins,
which are also called cardinal, or capital.
(p.a.l.a.g.e.s): pride, avarice (greed), lust, anger, gluttony, envy, sloth.
(or, sage pal, like Budweiser!)

ccc; commission, cardinal, capital
god! (g.o.d.:  grave omission deadly).  (grave original deadly?) ha.
also, good: (grave omission original deadly!)

I wonder if the Pope thinks the gay pride parade is sinful.
Actually, though, I don't really care.

there's the 7 deadly sins, the 10 commandments, and
some woud say CRIME is a sin,
or going contrary to "community standards," whatever those are.
such as impiety, blasphemy, unbelief, unfaithfulness, subversion?
know what I mean?
such as: manslaughter, reckless endangerment, assault and battery, indecent exposure, attempted murder, obscenity, statutory rape, animal cruelty, motor vehicle theft, bike theft, shoplifting, vandalism, arson, littering, resisting arrest, obstruction of justice, jaywalking, for example.

criminal categories/actions, technically, but perps might not be in fact -psychologically- guilty
justified, even, perhaps.

Man's laughter? Wreck-less? (requiem), ass-salt (bacon?) and (rechargeable?) batteries, decent exposure (depending on your body!), walking like a bird (jay), t-heft (the weight of the cross) / finders keepers, drinking red rum at murder burger in Davis (the banality -and deliciousness- of evil, like a hammerhead shark), obscenity (like -ubiquitous- porn?), South Park says sex at 17 is fine (therapists and grapes), fly swatters and raid for ants and tearing butterfly's wings and throwing snails, and factory farming for carnivores is the truly obscene imho (said the shrink to the pig, you know what your problem is? you're delicious),  (cat words: category, dedicated, the book '101 uses for a dead cat', catechism of the catholic church, curiosity, cat's eye bike lights, cat got your tongue, eating p, diapers), lifting a shop (?): like maybe the incredible Hulk could? (ink-red), Vandals -an east Germanic tribe that had kingdoms in the 5th century, arse-in'/our son (don't  be an ass), kitty litter and also the babies of pets!! (a parallel to the term 'white trash', or even abortions), Teshara: t' share R.A. (resisting arrest) (but who wouldn't, really); and OJ (!) (obstructing justice).  4 eggs-ample.

mosquito: a mosque in Quito? (capital city of Ecuador)
Funny thought:  Being Good is a form of Resisting Arrest!  Guilty?

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