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Here's a quote from Fyodor Dostoevsky to start things off right: Love the animals, love the plants, love everything. If you love everything, you will perceive the divine mystery in things. Once you perceive it, you will begin to comprehend it better every day. And you will come at last to love the whole world with an all-embracing love.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Happiness, II

Felicidad, Part Deux

Besides immortality in love (whether virtual, or in the real-world)...
(from saving our genetic code, and teleportation, etc.!)
    (meeting the right person, going to heaven...)
a more realistic programme-

Mortal Happiness:
1.friendship, family, dating, volunteering, a fun job, being social
(and caring for animals; pets!)

2.sexually active; delicious/nutritious (vegetarian?) meals
     (good food, and the occasional ben n jerry's)
     (home cooked, restaurants, picnics, dinner parties, potluck)

3.enough sleep, naps, relaxation, meditation, doing nothing

4.money (translates into happiness only partially/imperfectly)

5.watching tv/videos/movies, going out to the movies
     (ted, youtube, netflix, mooc's -e.g. oyc (yale)/coursera)

6.listening to the radio, pandora, itunes, cd's;  live music.
     (music, comedy, audiobooks, philosophy talk, joe frank)

7.reading (books, magazines, newspapers) library/online
    (google, wikipedia, email, blogs, J!, joke archive, onion, etc.)
    (learn to speed-read, improve comprehension/vocabulary)

8.meds, drugs, pharmaceuticals, medicine, medication
   (3 factors: right drug/prescription, dosage, frequency)
   (doctor-mediated, or self-medicating)(be careful!)

9.exercise, endorphins, "better than sex" -schwarzenegger
    (daily maintenance, or -ideally- improvement); stretching.
    (walking, marathon, swimming, yoga, bodybuilding)
     (look good, feel good!)

10.lifelong learning, education, teaching, writing, research

11.do stuff!
   discover and go
   garage sales, flea markets, thrift stores
   arts and crafts; origami, basketry, woodcarving, metalwork,
      ceramics, pottery, drawing, painting, watercolors, sculpture
   mastery, polymath, scholar-athlete, renaissance man
   different jobs, roles, activities, projects
   build things (e.g. kit car, fence windmills, a new invention)
   start a business
   write a book, blog, journal
   gardening, cooking
   topiary, apiary
   hiking, camping, getting out into Nature
   go horseback riding, trail ride
   fishing, hunting
   scuba, snorkel, surf
   hot air balloon
   hot shower, hot tub
   parades, state fairs, festivals
   roller-coasters, parachuting
   climb a tree.  go climb a rock.  go fly a kite.
   travel, learn languages, experience culture-shock
   learn to play an instrument
   museums, zoo
   opera, ballet, theater
   go out dancing
   stand-up comedy, humor, laughter
   play/watch sports (e.g. lawn bowling, horseshoes, pingpong)
   play games, videogames
   learn martial arts, self-defense, e.g. aikido
   spiritually active in diverse communities
   achieving personal goals
           overcome suffering, achieve bliss
           being happy, for any and no reason at all.
           finishing reading all my book lists (!)
           curious, engaged, disciplined, motivated, dedicated

-success is personal, defined by everyone for themselves (or should be)
-making a "bucket list" isn't a bad idea
-personally, competition and winning aren't my focus.
i see the light!:
-if life is but a dream, you may have to wake yourself up from the nightmare.
-enlightenment is possible, even in darkness
(perhaps even especially in darkness)
-God is much more than a garage door, lol.
-hm, I just noticed 'sanity' has 'saint' in it.

12. Virtue (a component of happiness)
(unless, for you, "happiness is a warm gun")

for me anyway, for example, virtue includes:
you are trustworthy, honest, sincere
(not manipulative, cynical, and post-truthiness)
virtue imparts self-respect.
(i.e. making the world a better place, development)
compassion, mercy, kindness (seeing others as equals)
faith, hope, love ("the greatest of these is love")
(i myself do not respect faith that is blind, or irrational)
charity (unless you're an Objectivist)
equanimity does not mean you shouldn't be an Activist, imho
gratitude, positivity, cheer
safety, security, contentment, joy
health, peace, prosperity

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