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Here's a quote from Fyodor Dostoevsky to start things off right: Love the animals, love the plants, love everything. If you love everything, you will perceive the divine mystery in things. Once you perceive it, you will begin to comprehend it better every day. And you will come at last to love the whole world with an all-embracing love.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Going Off!

A Rant of Blathering Insanity!
Hello! My name is Jesse. Jesse Teshara. Jesse Lawrence Teshara. Jesse, in spanish, can be three names: Jesus, (hey zeus), Chuy (pronounced chewy), Isai (accented second I – eesa-E). Didn't jar jar binks say eesa? Lawrence is my dad's name, (Larry T), with law in it. Teshara is Portuguese, from Teixeira, anagrams to 'as earth' or 'as heart.' Anyway, 'Jesse' (see SJ, the society of Jesus, aka Jesuits) means ''The Whole Office of the eucharist,” or God's gift. Esse is 'being' (like essence), in Latin. So Jesse is being J, being 10, as well. What would Jesus be? BE!   Being both, either, (or neither) Jesus and Satan? I will explain. T.W.O., as well as 'Jesse' sum to 4. 256, and 15115, respectively. You understand? AJS 1, BKT 2, CLU 3, DMV 4, ENW 5, FOX 6, GPY 7, HQZ 8, IR 9. It's a really simple cipher. The numbers themselves distill down to 2467. (Also, the sequence of ZOTTFFSSEN). One 7, Two 4, Three 2, Four 6. All 1! as Dr. Bronner says on his soap bottles. The 4th book of the bible is numbers, of course. It's why Summer relates to sums (count the days back to school), and the count Dracula is numbing (body count). Five 6, Six 7, Seven 2, Eight 4, Nine 6. Count 1. The eucharist is, in fact, chewy. Eucharist 5 (you a christ). Jesus sums to 2 (as does jew/jewish, beast, G-D, Lucifer, white, and black, for example, for starters). Eggs ample. Dos (Spanish for two), sums to 2, too. Too 5. I believe there is a mathematical substrate to language 5 and consciousness 4. It's (one reason) why people say uh or hey, or tap their fingers, for example. I also go by Jess (8). God sums to 8. 8 sideways is the symbol for infinity. Sum 8. Allah, therefore, can be deconstructed to signify “all a H.” H is the 8th letter – all a God! The bible, of course, doesn't say God is 8 or 2 – God is One (neo, rearranged). The beast (with two backs) is of course when 2 become 1. That's why Jesus is so sexy. God is all about love and unity. If you have babies, maybe you'll live forever! Love is 9. Lawrence and Teshara both sum to 9. Jesse Lawrence Teshara: 499. 22. V. J is the 10th letter. Letters let. Numbers numb. Meaning means. Average rages. Jesse is being J. Being 10. Satan, say 10? 11215, “say, ten” Ten is net backwards. My birthmother is Annette V. Riddle. V as in vampire (ima perv). Riddle as in Voldemort (lord move T). Annette as in (inter)net. Catching fish. Fisher of men. And killing and eating them. Interesting? Inter is to bury. I live in the sf bearya (bay area). SF makes me think of Sucking and Fucking. Orgasm is called the “little death.” Bury ya. Death, D eating H. Corporations, corpse rations (omg). Meat, me at! Death is hated, but meat is loved (but the suicidal love death, and vegetarians hate meat). Meat is team, also.  (Am te.  am jesus christ.  bread, b-read (jesus=b=words in red)=meat/am te=jesuschrist).  Same letters, rearranged (a limp bizkit song).  Which cide are you on? Offense. Off the fence, cow! Accept your fate! Ack, sept. Fat-E. Father, fat her. 10 is a perfect score. A penis and a vagina. Input and Output. Binary, 1 and zero. Information Overload. I owe, so off to work I go. Dios, 49 operating system. Go, niners! Numbers: Neo, t sf. Neo, to San Francisco. Internet, backwards: ten retni. Evokes ic, eye see, the retina. See the light! The holy see. Being born (again?)! (out of the hole, into the light/jesus). Jesus 2 is God 1 because sex 3 makes baby 3. Reproduction 5 is the holy 6 trinity 7. Unless you think of oral, anal, and vaginal. Male 4, female 6, (forensics!), child(ren). right 8, left 7. My cock, 25, jesus christ. Either, both, neither (BEN). 3 nails, Passion 3. Pow 9, Power 5. Six 7 is sexy 1. Larry 2, T 2.  team christ 8.

Is this madness? Have I gone off the rails? Did you enjoy it?

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