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Here's a quote from Fyodor Dostoevsky to start things off right: Love the animals, love the plants, love everything. If you love everything, you will perceive the divine mystery in things. Once you perceive it, you will begin to comprehend it better every day. And you will come at last to love the whole world with an all-embracing love.

Friday, July 8, 2016


Anthropomorphized, comes calling, with sharp scythe, what fun!

sums to 2
rhymes with Beth or Seth, and meth breath.
Has DEA (drug enforcement agency), 
eat/ate/tea, de- (to reverse something), at, the, ted, hat, head, hate.   

full word anagrams:
1.hated, (for most, I imagine death IS hated)
2.the ad. (death to advertising agencies!
psych manipulation, mind control) (I hate ads!)
(thanatos- the death instinct/urge, attractive to some)
(orgasm, "little death")
3. The DA (district attorney).  (Adi Da's last name?)
(da is russian for 'yes', nyet?)
-thade is not a word-
4. had ET (never mind that, where's your hed at?)
5. heat D (smiling at heat, e.g. cook, sunbather, devil)
6. de-hat (what my dad enforces before sitting down to eat a meal)
7. head T
-top Teshara, alpha-male, alpha-female perhaps, top dawg
-T as cross/irate: annoyed or irritated with head-shocks, or voices
(schizophrenic symptoms I suffer);
-or unhappy with any kind of mental illness, generally, your own or others.
-head cross. A tattoo? Mental. Crucified thoughts (nailing a concept?).

Letter by letter, breakdown:
D, smile emoticon. All the D-words (beginning with D). how many words (in english)?
e.g. Death= smile, eat God. Smile, hate.
(d, lower case, phallic, like b or p or q). death= penis hate.
The 4th letter; hence any thing/person/word that relates to 4.
Four (the only number with the same no. of letters) and
(a friend -yes, it's his name, Four Nguyen)
(De in Davis, Woodstock's pizza owner)
or words that sum to 4, such as David, or Al, or Jesse,
or male, or antichrist (how many words?)
(a simple computer program to sort any lexicon
into each numerological sum, from 1 to 9: the 4 list)
for, fore, four (3,8,6)
althea (substitutes al for d, both sum to 4)(a grateful dead song)
4th in any list (Numbers, for example, is the 4th book of the bible)

E, 5, E-words, e.g. electronic (e-mail), ecstasy (E), E! (entertainment tv network)  Ellen, elle (magazine, 'she' in french), 5 pointed star, pentagram, Wicca.

A, 1, ace, 4.0 grade, perfection, a-hole. Eh? The A-team. All a-words (#?)  AA, AAA. (don't drink and drive)

T, 2, cross, Mr. T (Larry T- dad, Lawrence Teshara, or Laurence Tureaud), terminator.

H, 8 (hate), hospital, honda, heaven, hell, hannibal, breath (pronouncing h with an exhale), huh
heroin, horse, happy, hello, hug, hi, high, hum, hm, ho ho ho, healthy, hologram, etc.
Hennessy (cognac, mom's maiden name), Helen, Heather.
H as code for God.
  (breath, in the beginning, moved over the earth, sort of thing)

So play mix and match, and have fun with DEATH!!

smile the A!
the wages of sin
I really liked Terry Pratchett's depiction :-)
GR, the Grim Reaper, was funny, too (Monty Python)
DE at H (David Eldridge@H)
voidable hit on / biathlon video ('oblivion death' anagrams)
death metal, e.g. Slayer

"when your number is up" 4, 22, 499,
(15115, 31595535, 2518191) 13, 36, 27.  76. 
Jesse Lawrence Teshara, spirit of '76!
J 10.  JLT, 10,12,20.  42!  :-)

(murder, assassinate, slay, kill, execute, dispatch,
waste, ice, liquidate, eliminate, smoke)
  (masked-wiles!) (walked semis) (mad wise elks)
  (sake wed slim) (weak lid mess) (male kiss wed)

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