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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Double-Entry Bookkeeping

I know a little something about DE invoices

David Eldridge
invoice: voice in [head]

(For others, I imagine you think it's
conscience, angels vs. devils, god, prayer,
subconscious, collective unconscious, etc)

bill: Be Ill
wealth: well plus health
money: my one
asset: ass-set (donkeys? butts? letter B looks like a derriere/breasts)
    butt of joke:  assayer- "say, look at that ass!"
    double-entry (not that kind of double-entry!)
equity: e quit why?  equine (horses, zebras, asses)
revenue: new revenant / raven / re-venue
DEADCLIC (useful acronym for  accountants, from wikipedia)
expenses: ex, Pence, sizzling pen
income: come in! in cum
owe: ow, oh! O (orgasm, offense)
     io io, so off to work i go
riches: is rich (Richard) hard: hard-ass, erection, muscles/strength
interest: interesting that this is also an economic term (inter/resting)

weird, eh?
insanity is profitable to:
pharmaceutical industry, psychiatry, lawyers, prisons, etc.

which is why some of this makes a kind of sense (cents)
sex sells (scents) (cells)
f those who have a vested interest in madness!
e.g. arms dealers, military-industrial complex,
sadists/abusers/torturers, demons/vampires
actually, sex might be what they want.
 F.M. radio: F 'em! (ray of God)

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