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Friday, September 11, 2015


Juxtaposition of Opposites

Good and bad, Virtue and vice, Right and wrong, Kind and cruel, wicked and Helpful
God and devil, Saints and sinners, Angels and monsters, Heaven and hell, Love and hate
sick and Well, Healthy and diseased, Strong and weak, Fit and fat, possessed and Exorcised
Pleasure and pain, Comfort and torture, suffering and Bliss
Joy and sorrow, Happy and sad, Elation and depression
war and Peace, Sex and violence, Creation and destruction, Love and rockets, guns and Roses
Enlightenment and delusion, Truth and lies, Nirvana and false-consciousness, Awake and asleep
life and death, living and dying, alive and dead, beforelife and afterlife, reincarnation and disintegration
temporary and lasting, ephemeral and eternal, always and never, transitory and forever
infinite and nonexistent, being and nothingness, immortality and oblivion

yin and yang, black and white, soft and hard, light and dark, male and female, cold and hot, 0 and 1
republican and democrat, liberal and conservative, red and blue, right and left, moderate and extreme
high and low, up and down, above and below, superior and inferior, top and bottom
victor and vanquished, winner and loser, celebratory champion and dismal defeated, noisy and silent
looking down on and looking up to, condescension and admiration
dominance and submission, gentle or rough, clean and dirty, fast and slow, loud or quiet
respectful and disrespectful, amorous or pugnacious, fuck 'em or fight 'em, overt or covert
inside or outside, alone or communal, subversive or helpful, sacred and profane, courteous and rude
benevolent and malevolent, beneficent and malicious, philanthropic and evil, law-abiding and criminal
appreciative and resentful, real or fake, powerful and powerless, design and chance
pure and diluted, homogeneity and diversity, local and universal, global or parochial
static and dynamic, change or maintaining the status quo, routine and variety, same and different
hot/arid/dry desert and clean/clear/cool swimming pool, scorching heat and biting cold
prepared and unprepared, obtuse and precise, frustration and facilitation, supported and thwarted
infinite and infinitesimal, meaningful and absurd, big and small, huge and tiny, chaos and order
potential and realization, extraordinary and mundane, hero and villain, anarchy and structure

Better and worse, Pleasant and unpleasant, Laudable and heinous, Empathic and sociopathic
Free and enslaved, free and incarcerated, free and busy, free and oppressed, free and expensive
Rich and poor, Wealth and poverty, Affluent and impoverished, The good life and squalor
hungry or Sated, starvation and gluttony, lack and excess, malnutrition and obesity
work and play, leisure and labor, games and real life, virtuality and reality, needy and satisfied
Security and danger, unity and fractiousness, harmony and discord, equanimity and dukkha
Truly you and living a lie, drunk and sober, anxiety and Serenity, Informed and out-of-the-loop
Educated and ignorant, Wise and foolish, Curious and uninterested, retarded and Brilliant
Smart and stupid, Intelligent and dumb, Sharp and dull, Fast and slow, Bright and dim
Insightful and imbecilic, superficial and Penetrating, shallow and deep, probing and incurious
Lovely and horrific, Beauty and ugliness, miraculous and droll, Honor and dishonor
affable and dour, serious and in jest, Helpful and hindering, problem and Solution
Sublime and annoying, apathetic and Inspired, Interesting and boring, bored and Engaged
active and passive, Proactive and reactive, Clarity and confusion, Delicious and disgusting
anguish and Bliss, Hope and despair, synonyms and antonyms, Satisfaction and anhedonia
weird and normal: insane and outsane, sane and unsane, dead and undead, thriving and get a life
isolation and community, antisocial and social, misery and FUN.

alpha and omega, beginning and end, words and Silence!

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