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Here's a quote from Fyodor Dostoevsky to start things off right: Love the animals, love the plants, love everything. If you love everything, you will perceive the divine mystery in things. Once you perceive it, you will begin to comprehend it better every day. And you will come at last to love the whole world with an all-embracing love.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Everything I Do (almost)

The last time I did this was as a sophomore at UC Davis, in the dorms:


__ In __ Out
__ welcome! Please knock.

__ online:
  __ news: csmonitor, cnn, wikipedia, huffpo, wapo, berkeleyside
  __ e-mail (jessteshara@yahoo.com)
  __ blog (jesseteshara.blogspot.com)
  __ ted, __ youtube, __ theonion, __ literotica
  __ j!archive, __ quizup, __ wikipedia
  __ khan, __ oyc (open yale courseware), __ uc berkeleyx
  __ okcupid
  __ audio:
       college radio:
       __kalx, __whrb, __wmbr, __wprb, __kcpr, _kzsc, _kdvs, _ kusf
       __krfh, __wxin, __ clave, __wybcx, __ dcr, _ kzsu, _ ksfs, _ wvfi
       __cornell, __ vanderbilt
       __ gdradio.net, __ baroque, __ mormon, __ quran
       __ joe frank, __ philosophy talk
       __ pandora
       __ hearts of space
       __ library cd
       __ audiobook
  __ reading: __ a book, __ paper, ___ magazine
  __ writing
  __ exercising
  __ eating
  __ watching a movie (from library)
  __ nothing

__ do not disturb:
  __ sleeping
  __ napping
  __ reading something really good!
  __ listening to music (headphones)
  __ doing nothing/ meditation
  __ wanking
  __ on the phone/texting
  __ entertaining a guest
  __ making sweet, sweet love

__ kitchen, __ bathroom, __ backyard
__ coffee and pastry: __ peet's, __ starbuck's, __ nearby local cafe
__ daily downtown double: central library/ south branch
     (new york times, economist, foreign affairs) and Y (swim, lift, bike)
__ meals:
  __ free lunch (mcgee church MWF's),
  __ newman, __ all soul's, __ st. mark's, __ st. mary magdalene
  __ monthly BFP (food pantry, friend's church)
  __ getting food: __ trader joe's, __ safeway, __ whole foods
  __ restaurants:
    __ sushi secrets, __ yogurtland, __ deli, __ togo's, __ papa john's,
    __ subway, __ bongo, __ noah's bagels, __ smart alec's,
    __ lox, stock and bagel, __ herbivore, __ saturn cafe, __ ethiopian (on sacramento)
__ shopping:
  __ walgreens, __ orchard, __ goodwill, __ target,
  __ sports basement, __ corner store (brb)__ nearby market
__ gtu library (“holy hill”), __ cal library, __ north branch, __ west branch, __ claremont branch
__ beach, __ park, ___ museum, __ musical venue, __ movie
__ san leandro, __ san francisco, __ fremont (mission san jose), __ south san francisco, __ auburn, __ pacifica
__ oakland: __ SPAP's (Sara, Pierre, Augustus and Poutine), __ Kaiser (group), __ volunteering, __ some restaurant on Piedmont ( __ thai, __ chinese, __ fentons, __ ethiopian)
__ yoga (yttp) (yoga to the people), __ group meditation (shambala)
__ walking, __ biking, __ running

the boxes are for putting in a pushpin.  maybe the printed paper should be placed over a cork board.. and maybe a pinwheel with "will be back in __ minutes" would be good.  and maybe (!) one shouldn't trust people to know where u r and how long you'll be out (!) Also, I staggered the original in sets and subsets, with indentation, which didn't translate into the blog very well.   This is my "freedom matrix" of 115 things (by my count) I can choose from, at any time.  Or, of course, I can do something else, step outside my routine/comfort zone (such as traveling, or finding employment, or meetup groups, or surfing unvisited websites.  Or Actually Surfing.) - but making this list was still a good exercise in Know Thyself.  I've got this list up on the wall in my room, it helps with freedom, I think.  It's hung next to my 2 book-lists.

- p.s. I'm currently reading Terry Pratchett's 'The Last Continent'.

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