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Sunday, August 2, 2015


by the numbers

The 6 Waltons on the Forbes 400 List (heirs to Sam & Bud),
Alice, Jim, Rob, Christy (widow of late son, John), Nancy Walton Laurie, and Anne W Kroenke-

have, between them,
more money than 42% of American families (combined!).
that's more than Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, combined, too.
as of 3/5/2014, their amassed fortune was $148.8 billion dollars.

they earn, from dividends alone, twenty-five thousand dollars a minute.  $25,000/minute! That's $1.5 million/hour.
the average income for Walmart workers is $8.81/hour
wow *

There are 11,000+ stores, in 28 countries, under 65 banners.
1/3 of the U.S. population visits their stores every week.
they are the largest overall employer in the U.S., and the biggest in 25 states.  Revenue (in 2009) was $405 Billion dollars.

founded on 7/2/1962
incorporated on 10/31/1969

they give 1 billion dollars to charity every year.

*aside, disclaimer: all info off the internet, data may be wrong or have changed.  still, this is pretty damned insane, don't you think?  $415 every second!!

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