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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Republican Debate

the pelican bait fiasco

I don't subscribe to cable tv, so I can't watch the debate at home (or online, apparently, either).

I went to the local bar, but the Giants game is on, and the manager wouldn't put on the debate.
Not that they don't have at least 3 tv's.
and, (here's the ridiculous part):
the waitress thought I asked to watch "The Pelican Debate" (because she's an idiot)

So forget putting the "pub" in re-pub-lican!  I would have bought a beer.  oh, well.
The only one I like is Ben Carson, because he's vegetarian.

...Bill Clinton is apparently vegan these days, too (after his heart surgery),
(and I read Al Gore is, as well)
Is Jon Stewart gonna run?!
walk, maybe.  ha.

I'd like to see Bernie Sanders beat Trump: that would be a blast.
BS over b.s.

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