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Thursday, May 22, 2014


books and babies

I read 'Maus' today, a comic book about the holocaust.
I visited Sara and lil Augustus after Kaiser group (art week, this week).
I watched 3 episodes of 'it's always sunny in Philadelphia'.  hilarious.
only 60 or so episodes to go.  It's called a "cult" show on netflix, for some reason.
I went to the Y, early.  Only once, today.  and no NY times.
I'm working on 'the science book' (lol), a 400pp national geographic book with lots of pictures.
It reminds me of that song, "Don't know much about science book...french I took...etc."
(What a wonderful world this could be -Sam Cooke)
I've also got a book called Black Theology & Black Power, by James H. Cone.
I'm going to dinner this Saturday, at my parents' house.
Looking forward to seeing lil Ben again.
I bought a book from a used book store recently, here in Berkeley, called "Collected Poems of Robert Service" for 10 bucks.   My dad already has it, but I wanted a copy for myself.  It's good for campfires.  I remember Ed Lindquist reciting (from memory) poems from it at Camp Royaneh.

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