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Thursday, May 22, 2014

"take care"

what a weird expression, no?

I mean, what?!?  Give me your care! no? then, I'll take it!
the dark wizard interpretation: a spell to "take" (in the chess sense, i.e. off the board, aka murder) someone who cares.

'who cares?'
'I don't care'
are similarly spoken, non literally, usually.
everyone cares about someone or something.
or, at least,
I can't conceive of being the only one who cares,
in a supposed world of universal hate, apathy, or mere self-interest.

I even care about this expression!
it's like hello, with hell in it.
or paint, with pain on the cross (a T) prompting memory of Jesus.
or evil being live, just as god can be conceived as a (loving) dog!
or death being hated, rearranged
or love being a part of evolution (and it is, too!  ha, that's interesting)

taking care, it seems like we should be giving care,
or letting care remain with those who do.

then, again, maybe universal self-interest, without worrying about everyone (or even anyone) else, is a saner outlook, both for the individual and society at large.  worth thinking about, I guess.

this is how I "take care" of myself-
(in the sense of caring for myself, and being careful)
or being safe, and making myself good/better.

in the sense of reducing care for others (with musical echoes):
-live and let die
-yeah, whatever, nevermind
-do what you want

physical health, mental health, emotional health, spiritual health:
1)eat right
-less/no junk
-food pyramid, balanced nutrition, superfoods
-vegetarian (the China Study), or at least less meat
-drink (is it 8?) glasses of water a day
-enjoy restaurants, from time to time?

-be more active, less couch-potato, endorphins/natural "high"
-daily improvement, or -at least- daily maintenance,
health club membership?
break a sweat daily, a good rule of thumb to follow
lift, swim, bike, walk, run, hike, sport(s)

3)take meds
(well, you should probably purchase them, lol)
don't take -harmful- drugs (of course)
some can self-medicate, but most need a doctor to get it right.. 

shower, brush your teeth
(your teeth are a good indicator of general health, they say)

5)be happy! (don't worry, says Bobby McFerrin and Bob Marley)
smile (happiness will follow, magically)
make others happy (e.g. tell jokes, give massages, be helpful)
surround yourself with happy people;
avoid "pills" (as my mom calls them)
listen to music, comedy
i like magic, juggling, circuses
I also like to write: my blog, for example; a hobby
meditation (for focus, clarity)

6)be engaged, social, curious
good books, interesting people, new activities (volunteer? travel?)
daily news, and answer questions (on wikipedia, for example)
(also, i get answers from ask.com, and j-archive)

7)and, of course, the Ideal: Love.
life is good!  you should enjoy life, even if you haven't found someone yet.
sex, I think, is optional, to happiness, and the source of much Un-.

note: I think it is interesting that, to take care of yourself
you can 1)take meds, 2)avoid "pills", and 3)meditate

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