I, God, welcome you to my blog!

The good book says only God is good, so it seems to me somebody needs to step up.

I hope you enjoy reading this, the Jesse Journal, as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Please feel free to subscribe, write me an email, request that I write about any particular topic you may want my perspective on, send a prayer, click on the charity link, or donate money to my bicycle fund! Have fun!

Your pal, Jess
Ladies- I'm a single, straight, virgo/boar INTJ (age 45) who enjoys books, getting out into nature, music, and daily exercise.

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F.Y.I. There are about 1000 posts..

Here's a quote from Fyodor Dostoevsky to start things off right: Love the animals, love the plants, love everything. If you love everything, you will perceive the divine mystery in things. Once you perceive it, you will begin to comprehend it better every day. And you will come at last to love the whole world with an all-embracing love.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Stuff I like

-Music (listen= list ten (radio): kalx, whrb, wmbr, kcpr, kzsu, kzsc, kcsb, ksmc, pandora, gdradio.net); also: concerts, shows, musicals, taiko drums, library cd's, online (by song or artist)

-Video (movies, netflix, ted, the onion, youtube)
(e.g. documentaries, comedy/satire/standup, animation, mma/martial arts, juggling, cirque, magic, etc..)

-News (csmonitor, economist, new york times, berkeleyside, wikipedia, foreign affairs, yahoo, cnn, huffington post, washington post)

-Nature (hiking, camping, horses, fishing, photography, boating)
(e.g. canoe, white water rafting, hobiecraft)

-Endorphins/Health/Fitness/Strength (stretch, walk, bicycle, cardio: swim/elliptical/stationary bike, free weights), Napping

-Food (Cooking: new or favorite recipes, Restaurant meals, e.g. sushi, thai, indian, chinese, mexican, ethiopian, burgers, pizza, sweets) e.g. gumbo, frozen yogurt, bbq.

-Reading books, magazines, websites (a book-a-day +, ideally) (1001 list ("books you must read before you die") (!)-fiction-, slang dictionaries, new languages, atlases, history, encyclopedias, mags (like People, Psychology Today, Mad magazine), children's books, etc.)
-Writing (my blog)

-Travel and Exploration (around the world, the country, california, the bay area, or even just my neighborhood) e.g. the ocean/beach, the zoo, aquarium, museums, parks, great america, boardwalk, exploratorium, planetarium, lawrence hall of science, Be a kid.  have fun!   Bars/clubs/restaurants.  Culture: opera, ballet, symphony.

-Religion & Spirituality: 1)meditate with Berkeley shambhala, 2) chat up the JW's, LDS, Scientologists, etc. 3)attend the occasional Catholic mass. 4)read religious literature (such as Adi Da's 'Aletheon'). Considered a hobby.

-Intellectual fun: philosophy talk (online, or weekly on the radio), Joe Frank, online classes (no credit), new vocabulary, practice speed reading, enroll in an actual class (paid), or audit one (free), J! -archive (the online collection of most all the Jeopardy questions/answers).  Mensa, maybe.

-People: family dinners, telling an apt joke, finding bargains, dancing, meeting people, okcupid, getting a massage, email, going to sports games (e.g. Giants), bowling, billiards, pee-wee golf, trip to toys-r-us.

-routine: walk the dogs (twice a day, weekdays), kaiser cbt (an hour, every tuesday), daily shower, library, Y.  the occasional cleaning house.  "weekly structured activities"

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