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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fine-tuned universe

26 parameters

from wikipedia's article, "Fine-tuned Universe"
"The current standard model of particle physics has 25 freely adjustable parameters with an additional parameter, the cosmological constant, for gravitation."

I just listened to the previous Philosophy Talk (at www.philosophytalk.org)
the March 17 show, titled "God and the fine-tuned universe"
I was hoping to get a list of what those parameters were, and post them here.

my personal belief is that both time and space are, quite obviously, both infinite.
there is no beginning, and there is no end (to Reality)
logic tells us this, it's a self-evident truth (to me)-
of course, we each have our own reality, our lives,
which have beginnings (conception) and ends (death), but
Space goes on and on and on, infinitely and forever, in all directions
Time goes on infinitely, too, in both directions, past and future,
whether humans are in it or not:
(past -previous to- the big bang, and beyond all possible outcomes or fates ahead of us)
which is to say:
There is no End of Time
End of the Universe (outer border or limit) (where there could be a restaurant, lol)

like our lives, analogous to our lives-
the universe, as we know it, began at the Big Bang
and I guess ends, (as we know it)
according to whatever results the recent Higgs boson research tells us,
"coming at us at the speed of light"

of course, Chris, a friend from Kaiser, and a quantum physics expert, believes in tachyons, which go faster than the speed of light, and tells me (physics is/physicists are) currently unsure whether time itself even exists.  (the eternal now is how i think of it)

it seems to me a God, faced with the news of impending doom, would want to ensure that life continues, and would program reality (the next big bang, maybe in a series of expanding and contracting universes?) to keep the goodness (life, existence) going along for as long as possible.

which is obviously another level way of saying orgasm (big bang) and having children (the next universe), in a reference to Monty Python's movie, 'the meaning of life', in which the universe is depicted as a female body, made into a grid, such as the universe/space is oft-imagined, by scientists.

But if there IS another big-bang in the future, after the demise of our current universe, I imagine an intelligent agent, like me, (or group, like a bunch of physicists)(aside: how could there possibly be an "unembodied" agent??, except maybe as I would envision the combined wisdom of humanity, etc., collected, such as the internet of the future) would or could tweak (the "terraforming of a universe") the creation of the next generation to be as heavenly as possible, acting in effect as a Creator God.

Maybe I do believe in God.
(from before the Big Bang, that is)

But we probably won't have to worry about being universe-creators.
If you want to survive your death, the best bet is to make money and have kids.
KISS (keep it simple stupid).

a few silly thoughts i had that i'd like to include on my speculation about the nature of the universe is:
1)maybe it's like a russian nesting doll (matryoshka), and universes are contained within our heads, with little beings living inside us, and so on.  And, going the other way, getting larger, maybe we are all living inside the head of a (much!) larger being, which we could call God.  For example, referencing Clifford Pickover's musings on dmt (di methyl tryptamine) machine elves: we're the elfs in God's head!

2)i don't believe in parallel universes, or a multiverse, because infinity engulfs everything.  It's in the word: UNIverse.  Just one.  etymology question: is the 'verse' part of the word a reference to something written?  I'm told infinity is necessary to mathematicians to make their equations work. But that doesn't make sense to me.  It doesn't work for me.  I can't see (black holes, for example) being infinite.  Nothing but reality is infinite.  Which is why "reality is all the god there ever is."  Which makes us humans minutely infinitesimal (a fancy way of saying teensy-weensy).  Actually, maybe not.  Infinity can keep getting smaller, just as it can keep getting larger.  Everything is both infinitely large and infinitely small.  Big me, big me, yeah.  Big up yo'self!  Right?

3)If "God" set the values for the 26 parameters of our universe, how do we believe in God without playing god ourselves; i.e. how do we know other values (for each parameter) couldn't produce life if we don't test them, first?  We're not that smart, and neither is God.  He created hell, after all.  But childbirth, for example, while painful, can also be heavenly.  Maybe that's how Jesus felt on the cross.  Hell is just another way of saying pain, and pain can be good, to tell us when we need to heal, so we don't hurt ourselves even more. Nothing lasts forever.  This too shall pass, as they say.  I don't actually believe in hell (as eternal punishment).

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