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Sunday, October 7, 2012


SHAW: be Safe, Happy, and Well.

ILL- I lean left
(says the christian science monitor online survey I answered)

why I'm voting Barack:
-I take issue with increasing the defense budget by 2 Trillion dollars.
-I believe Barack holds the interests of the poor, both nationally and globally, more to heart.
-I like Obamacare
-I like Obama
-Mormonism is weird
-I am republican-averse, with their dirty coal and drill baby drill and nra support for assault weapons; I see God in Nature (not in fighting more wars), and, as Barack says, I don't want to "double-down" on the failed policies of Dubya.  In fact, I actually think W. Bush should be arrested (but that's beside the point).
-I go beyond obamacare- believe in universal health care; I think it ought to be a human right.

-Obama does seem tired (maybe anybody in his position would be -he's juggling a lot)
-He said he learned you can't change Washington from the inside
(which negates his previous platform of 'change')
-I'm pro-life

I want to give B.O. (and Michelle) a chance- they inherited a bad scene, and I like the idea of a former community organizer as president (reminiscent of the movie Dave), over a wallstreet millionaire (although it's possible that could be a good thing).

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