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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

This phrase, or mantra, is what governs life eternally throughout the universe. Say it a couple times, let it sink in. Feel better?

You're supposed to.

The Soka Gokkai International promote this form of Buddhism, and I was introduced to it while incarcerated.

NMRK (or Nam-myoho-renge-kyo) stands for devotion, mystic law, lotus blossom, sound. The phrase itself IS the mystic law. Kinda bizarre and cool, huh?

Sara was into it for a couple months of her life, awhile back, and our house has a shrine, containing the scroll with the mantra and some other wow (words of wisdom) in it (incomprehensible, however, in sanskrit or chinese or whatever).

It's possibly the world's most simple religion. I like that.

It's all about having a winning life (like life is a competition). Whatever. But still, the introductory pamphlet describes having the power to face and surmount our deepest problems.

Life can beat you down, so I suppose you have to beat down life in return, to be/stay on top.

The pamphlet promises an inner transformation, requiring a basic change in our hearts and character- an inner revolution of freedom, happiness, and harmony with others.

You know, I just saw a music video of Michael Jackson yesterday, and I was amazed at his glow of absolute happiness, during the video, as his body pulsed freely and intensely to the track. It was intense what that guy could project. I was blown away. I guess this kind of thing might be what the SGI is talking about.

I was swimming in Michael Jackson's water, and I felt buoyed.

I say that because this funky religion makes no distinction between a person and his/her environment. (One is the source for the other, for better or worse)

This Buddhist form doesn't espouse an eradication of desires. Instead, you're supposed, through faith, to "magnetize" your dream(s) toward yourself. Receiving your desires is described as having "rocket fuel" toward your enlightenment, in which you become a Buddha, or share in Buddhahood.

Buddhism, it says, is the practice that allows us to access the traits that allow us to tackle every problem or challenge that confronts us, and win.

See, religion is kind of like football, lol.


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