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The good book says only God is good, so it seems to me somebody needs to step up.

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Here's a quote from Fyodor Dostoevsky to start things off right: Love the animals, love the plants, love everything. If you love everything, you will perceive the divine mystery in things. Once you perceive it, you will begin to comprehend it better every day. And you will come at last to love the whole world with an all-embracing love.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Only God is good, the "good book" says.


a critical thinker must ask him/herself,

does God exist, is God good, is the "good book" good, and what do I really believe?

I believe love exists (!). I also believe love is good. So God exists.

Most people wouldn't say they're God. I'm trying to change that.

Islam, for example, means submission. I want people to step up.

Be God, for goodness' sake. Make life your after-life. Maybe it is. Make it a paradise. Just another day in Paradise, sings Phil Collins. Phil Collins is God, too!

If God is love, Be love (or if that's a bit intimidating, be IN love). Being a supreme being doesn't have to be such a crazy thing; on the contrary, it can be as everyday and common as making yourself as good as you can be, useful and kind, etc. You don't have to be Christ-like or Christ himself. Just be good, and presto!- Godhood.

If you still won't step up, as they say, you can worship me; I have no problem with that. I'm not seeking followers, money, worship, or anything- I have a simple, good life. I'm just saying, if you need one, is all.
Your conscience is God, but you probably externalize it to keep it intact better.

My name Jesse in Spanish is Isai, Chuy, or Jesus. Chewy sounded fun, and Jesus might be a bit intimidating at a Jesuit school, and Isai wasn't offered (Isa is the word for Jesus in arabic). Why think about being Jesus or Christlike (crucified?!) or eaten, when I can simply make myself God by being a good person. Chew on that! (Someone said my name could also be 'Chucho'. Me Gusta este nombre!

Just love everybody, everyone, all, todo (or whatever word you want to choose; they all mean the same thing, right?). Love believes all things... It seems I'm not being much of a biblical God. I have some pretty strong beliefs and opinions, as you may have noticed. These are MY preferences, and I don't demand they be yours, although I'd like that. (No, you're not going to hell if you disagree, but you can use the concept of hell as a tactic in psy-war to scare people into behaving morally/legally) Religion is all about social control. And my opinions are right. So just obey God, get it? That's the inside scoop.

The only way I'm going to believe the earth is flat, for example, though, is if I twist the saying into a meaning that I assume wasn't intended (such as the earth on my street is flat, etc.), or it's true for them (virtually), or maybe some strange mathematician can prove it is (lol), or it is for some, but not others, or it just as well might be, because I haven't been to outer space to look at the earthball-and the whole globe thing might be a conspiracy to keep me in my dreamworld and not wake me up in my pod or whatever, where the real truth is at. If I let my imagination think about some assertion, I suppose I can see another side to anyone else's opinion.

Does God show his love for you by making you scared of going to hell? Well, everybody's got to cowboy up and wear their No Fear t-shirts, because there are people that will tell you you're going to hell for virtually anything, I think. Everyone dies. No you to suffer. So relax.

Submission to God is just some weird psychology for giving your better half control over one's more rotten impulses. One's partner in a marriage is often referred to as "my better half." If you're single, I'm assuming there's still some internal dialogue and debate. Are you a pure psychopath? At least you're pure.

If only God is good, then all goodness is God.

I was tempted to say "then God is goodness", but that might not be quite right. There are different "goodnesses." What is absolute evil to one could be absolute good for another. Sadists, for example, might fit the bill. I wonder if there's anything like a balance between the number of sadists and the quantity of masochists.

Objective goodness might be different from subjective goodness.

In other words, what you see as good might not be the best a)for all, b) in the bigger picture, c)from an all-knowing perspective.

It takes a supremely morally selfish person, perhaps, to make their own subjective experience the Objective, that is, binding for all, in the present and the future, criteria for judging if someone is good. That's what I think Jesus did. Jesus is just alright with me, as the song goes. I mean, it's just a virtual reality, in my opinion. He's dead. People think they know him. He's the life, yada yada. His words and ideas live on, written. I'm saying whatever. There is no Objective goodness, some pie in the sky God, that was the father of Jesus. Jesus wasn't objectively good during his lifetime. And he's not objectively good now. This is what I believe. Unless I fathered Jesus. hmm. They say information can time-travel. Jesus.

And there's always the space aliens to throw us for a loop, right?

If you're not really willing to sleep comfortably in the bliss of knowing that you are God, well, you can submit to somebody else.

God made me write this blog....(!) The devil made me wear this dress, lol.

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