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Saturday, August 5, 2017

The Universe

in a nutshell

Some basic research (via google/wikipedia):

How many stars are in the known universe? (estimated)
more than 100B galaxies (10 trillion? -kornreich). The mw (milky way) has around 300B stars (but is not representative).
10 trillion x 300 billion?
"3x10 to the 23rd", according to research by Pieter G van dokkum and Charlie Conroy, published in 2010 (from wolfram alpha)

how many stars are in the Unknown universe?? (zero, much much more?)
“god only knows” (no one knows)
does universe=reality?
Multiverse of consciousnesses
(the human brain has more possible connections than the number of atoms in universe)

How far apart are stars, on average
in the Milky Way (our galaxy), stars are an average of about 5 light years apart (which is about 30 trillion miles).
Ted says the “average spot in space” is completely dark

speed of light: 186,282 miles/second
a light year (a distance) is x miles: about 5.88 trillion miles

how big is the known universe?
Infinite, of course
or, unknown (no center, no edge, no limit!)
but our furthest seeing telescopes (hubble “deep-field”), can fathom out to (10-15Blya) ”so far”
age, since BB (big bang): 13.799+or- 0.021B ya (according to one model)
also, (+8): bodybuilding, bill bryson, gun pellet, big brother, and brigitte bardot, bella bartok; bed and breakfast, base on balls (walk).

how old is the universe?
Scientists, until recently (?), estimated the big bang was 12-14B years ago,
(solar system 4.5B years old) (humans “genus” few million years)
modern humans, from skeletons found in africa, started (date to) 200,000 years ago.
(100,000 ya, SWA (southwest asia) (60-40,000 ya elsewhere in the OW (old world)

why is it called the Old World?
Africa, asia, europe...before oceania and americas discovered (by europeans)

fabric of spacetime
is our way of conceptualizing the relationships between objects in universe.
Atoms, planets, stars, galaxies, universes!
but i still think there is infinite time, and infinite space!

big is small, and small is big, if you like
space, the final frontier (time-travel?)
infinite possibility

funny thought:
the universe expanding could actually be everything shrinking!
(like the sun going around the earth,
or the earth moving around a (stationary) me!)
(we are all the centers of our universes) vanity of vanities!

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