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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Green Or Democrat

GOD, lol

I got my ballot in the mail, today.
17 state propositions (51-67)
I've got both the democrats' and the greens' endorsement lists.
They differ on 6 of them. (51,54,60,61,63,65)
I'm told the best way to choose is to see who the backers/funders are.

51. Education?
I believe in pursuing your curiosity, unfettered.
So everyone should have access to libraries and the internet (and librarians).
I kind of think teachers get in the way, actually.
But I've had a lot of really great teachers, as well.

"all right" (my voice keeps saying that.  it's getting really annoying)

I think all books should be available digitally, to everyone, free.
And there should be systems like I enjoy here in Berkeley, available globally, for actual physical books.   I have in mind the Link+ system, which links hundreds of libraries, and can obtain most anything.   I think education investment should be for that.
Questions, answered in forums, are just as good as a classroom, imho.
and online classes, like coursera, open yale courseware, flashcards, etc. are great, too!
The best teachers should teach everyone!
Everybody should get a phone/tablet/computer.
Language instruction needs classrooms.  Or travel and immersion.

Dems say yes, Greens no.
I have to say No.  
Jerry Brown thinks the money would be better spent in poorer districts.
My dad is the director of the Burlingame Adult School.
So I'll have to ask him, I guess.
And my aunt was the principal of St. Elizabeth's, in Oakland.
I'll see her this Saturday (her birthday! (friday))

54. Legislature Transparency
Dems say no, Greens yes. 
after reading the green rationale, I have no idea.
vote whatever

60. Mandating condoms in porn
dems no, greens whatever.
Making porn less sexy is better for women?
so Yes.

61. drug purchasing
dems whatever, greens yes.
I say yes.  
National Nurses United, which supported Bernie say yes, while the drug industry and Ca doctors are in an "incestuous and cozy" financial relationship.

63.  firearms and ammunition sales prohibition
dems say yes, greens no.
it sounds good, but the greens are right, because it exempts cops and retired cops (ordinary citizens, like us, some of whom abused their power), a violation of equal protection standards.

65. Bags
I used to be a grocery store "courtesy-clerk" (bagger)
I would say "kill a tree or erode the ozone?"...
Dems whatever, Greens no.
"one of the most disingenuous ballot measures in state history"

I think I'm a green, lol.
I'm a registered Dem
The green voter guide is well-researched and extremely persuasive.
see it yourself! :

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