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Friday, October 21, 2016

Gloom and Doom

General Dynamics and the CIA

also, General Dynamics, the world's 5th largest defense contractor.
They make the F-16.

(3) cia's:
Cal Institute for the Arts (have a cousin who went there)
Cairo International Airport (CAI, iata code)
Central Intelligence Agency

plus (5) "embeds":
Drink Lupicia tea and take Cialis with Felicia Ciara Garcia!
words containing 'cia' :  LINK

(11) same letters:
ica, islamic consultative assembly (main legis. body of the iranian gvt)
      iron chef america (tv show)
      region, province, capital, and river in Peru
      immaculate conception academy (in sf, my mom went there)
aic, alice in chains
       arab-israeli conflict
aci, air crash investigation
       alameda county industries (local trash and recycling)
iac, international access code (telecommunications)
cai, computer assisted instruction
       cai rivers (Brazil) (Vietnam)

God is the central intelligent agent?  omniscient!
G-D: google discovery

Turn that frown upside down!
gloom and doom / grieving death to
giddy/glad/gleeful/gratified/grinning delight!!

"good god!" -korn
                     -james brown

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