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Thursday, July 9, 2015

(Personal) Update

what's new in my world

Augustus is walking, Benjamin close :).  Poutine, the frenchy, is adorable.  Dinner with SPA on Monday, turkey salad, delicious! Had 2 beers.  Hosed off the high chair outside, lol.  

my (dental) crown fell out, Monday.  lesson: don't eat TJ's ginger chews if you have a crown: sticky!
i have to wait 2 weeks before the next dental appt. to look at it (at the BFC).  The tooth doesn't hurt, but is sensitive with contact.

looking fwd to going to Camp Royaneh on Saturday for the 90th party, with dad and bro.  It's definitely Summer.  And I'll get a t-shirt.

yesterday and today I've been helping my bro (and Jeff) move his office, from SF to Daly City. 
he buys, sells, leases, rents, moves shipping containers (Hutchinson llc).  moving up in the world!  Business is good.  He'll share an office with an immigration lawyer.

I'm having a hard time reading Law 101, by Jay M. Feinman.  I keep preferring listening to music, instead.  It's due tomorrow, in SF.  I renewed it once.  Maybe I can renew it again.  The subtitle is "Everything You Need to Know about American Law" (which is motivation enough to slog through, I think.  definitely cheaper than a year of law school).  I got a good ways into my Nt'l Geo history book, but I've switched to the library books, 'cause they have a deadline.

I have a new roommate, Todd.  Well, housemate.  I'm waiting for a disability bart pass in the mail.  It's been over 45 days since I turned in the application, hopefully should arrive soon.

Sunday, dinner at 801 with M&D, Tom & Jeannine.  People were 'under the weather' last weekend, so the meal was cancelled.  Dad's birthday is coming up. 

I haven't been to the Y in like 2 weeks.  I housesat for 10 days in San Leandro.  I've grown a beard, too.  I ate lots of vegetarian meals (gardein, tofurkey, morningstar, etc.), which were good, but still had a roast beef with guacamole subway sandwich, which I enjoyed.  Will miss Kaiser group today (my being in SF).  Missed 3 weeks in a row, actually: slept in, housesitting, helping Greg.  They're getting a bit repetitive, anyway.

the blog hit 12,345 not too long ago.  Now it's like 500 more (!). Hello Russia!  Hello Redmond!
Yay, followers!  I always appreciate feedback and comments, folks!

I started listening to Insane Clown Posse on youtube.  I may be insane, but those (two) guys are Seriously Weird.   But entertaining.  Not ready to call myself a Juggalo, yet.

Getting serious for a moment, I hope Iran and the U.S. can hammer out that nuclear deal.  I'd be even happier if the U.S. promised to permit Iranian inspectors, too!  Shouldn't it be mutual?  And I wish the world would disarm -I'm thinking of you, Russia (seriously? MORE nukes, really?)

also, I was looking through a friend's role playing game (rpg) book, and it had Levels 1- 4 Cleric spells, which I thought was interesting, and somehow relevant to my blog.  I wasn't into DnD as a kid, but I'm having fun as God, now, making up for lost time.   Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me, as they say.

pronunciation guide:  is it Eye-Ran or E-Ron (!) having a
non-threatening New-klee-er (not Nuke-you-lur) program?

okay, peace out.  Enjoy your Summer, everyone!  Time to go swimming, I think.

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