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Sunday, February 15, 2015

On my mind

Isis and Islam

First off, f you, Isis.  You can all go to hell.  War is hell, so I guess you're already there.  But I wouldn't mind you assholes suffering eternal torment, of the afterlife variety.  Which we all know won't happen.  But it should.  Killing people make you feel big and strong?  I thought your religion respected Jesus.  Did you even give those 21 Coptic Christians you killed in Libya the option to convert?  Allah, the merciful, the beneficent?  How f-ing dare you, you murderous thugs.  You are a stain on your religion, you are not good!  Those weren't soldiers, those were civilians, which makes you mass murderers, serial killers, common criminals.  You should rot in hell, as they say, which would basically be a lifetime in a prison cell, which is what a civilized criminal justice system metes out to losers like you.  Death would be too good for you.  I don't believe in capital punishment.  You should have 80 years of torment!  A lifetime of pain.  Because THAT's what's real-  Not a harem of virgins in paradise.  Maybe big Baghdadi's got some bitches on the side, but that's as close as you'll ever get.  Karma's a bitch, and your stupid Islamic State's days are numbered, just like everybody else on this stupid planet.  Live by the sword, die by the sword.  You want to die?  Keep provoking us.  You guys aren't very smart, it seems to me, suicidally instigating your own demise, trying to stay in the news with sensationalist crucifixions, burnings, mass-beheadings.  Like a bad horror movie.  You can get the same thrill from video games, if that's what you're after.  You don't have to transfer your own personal hell to the world at large, which deserves better.  You don't have to make your issues with powerlessness in a religion that means 'submission' result in an orgy of violence.  You already have power.  You don't have to prove it by victimizing unbelievers.   Justice should be your receiving a miserable, unpleasant lifetime behind bars.  I might have respected you, if you did it right, and weren't barbarians.  God knows Syria and Iraq could use improvement.  Everyone has the right to live.  Every body is at the center of their own universe.  All are God.  Allah is as good a God as Christ, Buddha, Adi Da, or even Shiva, or could be, if you made it all about love, peace, respect, kindness, virtue, happiness, progress...  But although it's probably too late for you punks, I'll pray for you anyway, on the off chance you can make something good out of your "caliphate", and actually make a better world, which I assume you poor misguided "souls" think you are trying to do, anyway.  Everyone has a dark side, but a true religion extinguishes brutality and elevates comfort, peace, health, happiness.   And if you don't step up, I, one of the 7 Billion Gods on this planet right now, will turn my will against you.  I already have, but God is forgiving, right?

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