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Thursday, December 25, 2014

xmas gifts


I gave:
-3 bathroom readers (each different), from the ashby flea market,
to Hernan, LGBT, and SPAM
-a toy wooden train, to Benjamin (from Marshalls)
(it's categorized as an age 2+ toy, is it a bad gift for any reason for a 7mo old? -slightly worried)
-a set of cards/stationery (pictures of Yosemite), from a Bkly used bookstore, to mom
-another (4th!) jokebook, from Barnes and Noble, for dad
-I forgot to get a gift for Erin + Dan (!).   It was just Erin's birthday, too.  missed both.
-I also need to get something for uncle/aunt Tom+Jeannine, who I will see on Saturday.
-a ritter chocolate, for Rose Marie

I got:
5 gift cards, 2 books, and 1 game.
-$30 regal cinemas -from J+V,
-$25 amc movies -LGBT
-$20 starbucks  -M+D
-(2) $25 Trader Joe's -M+D

-National Geographic's 1000 Events that Shaped the World
(about 400pp, lots of pictures, like a coffee table book, history) -M+D
-Lost in Translation, an illustrated compendium of untranslatable words from around the world, by Ella Frances Sanders -D+E

-IQ Twist (multi-level logic game, 1 player, 120 challenges) -M+D

-and of course, a delicious dinner, and fresh oranges to take home.
-last night, x-mas eve, I went to Holly's chinese restaurant, in Oakland (on Piedmont) with SPA and Pierre's dad, Peter, a retired math professor (5 dishes, family style, brown rice, tea, fortune cookies, i ordered spicy eggplant).  They gave me a bag of homemade cookies, too, to take home with me.

thank you, everybody, for the thoughtful gifts!
The 12 of us who came to 801 for dinner were:
(Larry, Peg, Greg, Liz, Ben, Jesse, Jim, Vicki, Erin, Dan, Hernan, and David)

hope everybody had a nice holiday.
I have an invitation to a nearby kwanzaa celebration, tomorrow.
my new year's resolution is to Floss!
Vote Vicki Hennessy for San Francisco Sheriff!

things i want to buy:
air purifier, chess set, aletheon (book by Adi Da), camping stove, canteen, water filter/purifier, binoculars, umbrella, aikido lessons, speed reading lessons, tesla automobile, gun, cirque tickets, comedy club tickets, babadook movie, apps for my ipad (SpeakorTreat, SpeakaLegend), winning lottery ticket!

i would also be interested in tech (smartphone? apple watch? google glass?), if I could get one question (answer) at a time from the J! archive site.  that would be really cool.

Ideally, I want to raise a family, travel, and have a home/house.  Not sure if that's in the cards for me.  Hope so!

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