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Monday, December 8, 2014

On Racism: Black and White

skin, thinking, and color

Caucasians aren't white, and African-Americans aren't black.  Blacks are brown. Whites are, well, I don't think there's a word for it. But we're not white. Caucasians aren't (necessarily) from the caucusus, either. Some africans are white. And lots of white people are black, morally. Just as there are white blacks, if you get my meaning. White evokes purity, morality, cleanliness, the Pope. And black evokes shadow, darkness, evil, death. So whites are Jesus, while blacks lurk in their lairs in Mordor, where the shadow lies, and Sauron plots to rule over a planet of slaves.

White and black are opposites, facing each other as enemies on the chess board. Chess is war, if you're serious about it, and racial language thus leads to, or at least contributes to, antagonism, isolation, discrimination, racism, gangs, hatred, and a prison environment of terror, the opposite of the American dream of the melting pot, more like a salad dressing of separation between the oil and vinegar, to which you may now start arguing over which is on top.  Funny thought: If a white and a black produce a baby, you might think he or she would turn out gray... A type of space-alien is called 'the grays', I think.  As if she was giving birth to an alien.  Ridiculous.

White light has all the colors in it, as revealed by the rainbow spectrum emerging from a beam of light diffracted through a prism. Well, not all colors: there's no brown, grey, tan -which is probably why these colors are so sartorially popular.  However, black paint is the color that you get if you mix all the colors, I think.  Black clothing is good in cold weather if you want to absorb all the heat from the sun's light on you.  Everybody, I think it is interesting to note, has both black and white, in their eyes, no matter what skin or hair color you have.  Everybody is white in their bones; and everyone's true (inner) colors are red and black.  Rainbow colors are part of the hippy-dippy pot-smokers tie-dye culture, or the pride flag of homosexuals, or gang colors.  Colorful clothing makes us feel happier, and so other countries have more colorful attire than we Americans do, with our hang-ups and exclusionary racial identities, and of course unwillingness to break ranks with social conformity.

Darkness also implies ignorance, while light is a metaphor for truth, knowledge, wisdom. If you're in the dark, you be ignant. If you is a white devil, you're an oppressor. I have a white devil in my head: a black attorney in my head, who presumably seeks historical justice by making me his white slave, because he won't shut up and leave me alone. He's evicted, but is squatting in my brain, spitting his shit into my goddamn schizophrenic brain. And, of course, God supposedly said let there be light (and it was good).  It's up to you to infer whether that means darkness is bad or not... 

Shit is brown, and evil is black, so black becomes the moniker of race because it has the patina of menace and power, in a world where death is oblivion, and even if you go into the light when you die, you still end up dead.  Shit just stinks. Omnipotence is the divine power to kill anyone, anytime. Death personified is God. Even priests wear black. Time kills all. We are all dying. Premature death is tragic, because life is beautiful, even for the ugly. Gratitude keeps you positive. Anger against injustice (a gr- attitude!) is the fire in the belly that fuels the chess war of life, in the first place.

Cops drive around in black and white cars, with Republican and Democrat lights spinning on top. Blacks kill whites, whites kill blacks, blacks kill blacks, and whites kill whites. It's a big mess, and none of it is good. Some say, “it's all good” or “all right”, but the truth is no one is perfect, and life is riddled with imperfection, error, failure, stupidity, ignorance, cruelty, sin, crime, injustice, unfairness, and conflict. We may have equal rights, but some are more equal than others. You have to fight for your right to party. Sometimes you have to fight to survive. Everybody has a dark side. The dark side of the force can be interpreted as Darth Vader in the role of a corrupt cop. May the force be with you, ha. Don't fight the police, unless you're Neo (ha, again).

I overheard someone saying the endgame of this racial chess war is to put the country into martial law, which I'm fairly sure isn't gonna happen, but I spose it's possible, if the psychopaths among us go all buggy and start offing people who happen to have different color epidermises than they do. The devil hates everybody, though, and racism just happens to be the weakest link in society, the window of opportunity to cause the most damage, in a world of global disappointment at the disparity between what is and what could be.

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