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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Thou shalt not

take the name of the lord your god in vain...

My name is Jesse.
That's awfully close to Jesus.
In Spanish, Jesse can be Jesus (heyzeus),
 Chuy (like a wafer), or
 Isai (accent on the second i, eesah-e)

Isa is Jesus in arabic.  I, Isa.
Biblical hebrew often omits vowels, so JSS works that way, too.

Jesus can be rearranged to 'Jess u' -(me?)
And esse in latin is being, while J is the tenth letter.
X (as in xmas) is roman numeral 10...j esse -> christ being?

In spanish class, I chose Chuy (pronounced chewy, like Chewbacca)
because who wants to be Jesus, right?
He only lived to around 33.
Not my bag, even if it is laudable to be 'christlike'.

it's debatable whether Jesus is the lord my god
because I actually think I'm better than he was
in the sense that Jesus said don't call me good, only God is good
and I think I'm good, (nothing too radical about that, right?)
and therefore God (like everybody else)
Have I taken the name of the lord my god in vain?
usually people don't think of vanity in relation to this commandment.
It usually isn't literal
It usually means don't say "Jesus Christ" derogatorily.
I see nothing wrong with that, by the way, myself.
In any case,
"in vain" means without effect, or unsuccessfully.
So we shall see what effect my name has.
I didn't choose it, although I do have the option of changing my name,
so in that sense, my name is elected.
I like my name, have no plans to change it, and don't have any alternates, in any case.

and that's just my first name.
My last name, Teshara, is arahset backwards, which has Ra (the sun god) and "set" which is what the sun does.  Jesse has "see" in it, and Isai has two "eyes".  Weirditude.  Jesus is "the light."  holy photons!
Happy hanukkwanzmas and new year, everyone!

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