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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Bored, unmotivated, disinterested

(is it UN-interested? I forget)

Anyway, bud (a word for pot), can have that effect, appropriately enough.
Or maybe you're depressed or bipolar or schizoaffective.

waking up this way can lead to isolation and a choice to stay in bed / not do anything-
which can lead to
feeling lonely, depressed, angry

Lately, for me, though, I wake up and get motivated to attempt to have the perfect day.
It rarely happens, but I've been doing this since I was a boy.
This morning I heard some mindblowing jazz on Harvard radio, which portended a totally awesome day (although I didn't get done everything I wanted to).

My post-it note to-do list was:
Kaiser at 2p,
give Andrea Glover the 4 library info sheets that might prove useful to others with mental illness (emergency meals and shelters, mental health resources, local groups serving people with disabilities, and volunteer opportunities),
go to the SS office (social security, not schutzstaffel)
schedule a dental appt. with the BFC (Berkeley Free Clinic) -it's been 6 months-
Safeway (I have 2 gift cards to redeem)
Library (NYTimes, Economist, F. Affairs)
Radio Shack
Walk the dogs

Radio shack was a disappointment because they couldn't print up a $10 coupon I'm eligible for (I don't have a printer), which sucks.
And I didn't go to the Y because rain was threatening, and I wanted to get home (on my new bike).
And the SS office was too busy, and it (making sure my address is right) can wait for tomorrow.
Safeway was in the opposite direction, can also wait.

my day, by Jesse Teshara, lol.

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