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Sunday, June 24, 2012

States of America

breaking the code

Is it me, or are the American states weirdly named? Brain-WA.

There's a COW on the west coast (Ca, Or, Wa)
an ANT to the south (Az, NM, TX)
a doctor in MD, with an attitude toward the sick (IL),
and a patient with a head-cold (MA -achoo"),
states that evoke crying and misery (IA, MO), and a scar (SC).
a criminal and sinful president (WI),
debt problems (IA, WY), no car (NC),
problems at work: "never ask a" (NB) and getting fired (KS),
pacifism vs. gunplay (Pacific ocean, OR) and (AK)
religious references (ALA be AMA) (ama means to love in spanish),
and TN, which got its name from tanasi, rearranged of which is I, Satan.
and MA (Mass), and Arkansas (ark and saw),
mockery of Indians and Mexicans and colored (IN, NM, CO),
food: (So Da, and NY -york peppermint patty reference, there)
sport (TN), and "in the zone" (AZ)
computers and tech (TX, DE)

in a category all by itself:
sexual innuendo:
KY, LA -Louis y Ana-, FL -floor id-, VA, ID, TX (where's the 'sex at'), MS -missus sip p-, and OH (what's round on both ends and hi in the middle?).
IN (In Diana, or Indy Ana), and MT.
CA (californication)
and AK (I'll ask)

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