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Monday, December 5, 2011

what's in the word Berkeley?


Berk or burk
(british) a stupid person or fool,
shortened from Berkeley or Berkshire hunt,
rhyming slang for cunt

while berke (verb) means:
1.to murder, as by suffocation, to leave no or few marks of violence.
2.to suppress or get rid of by some indirect maneuver.

ley means law in spanish

lee means:
protective shelter (the lee of the rock gave us protection from the storm)

ley means:
a pewter made of 80%tin and 20%lead (from aley, obsolete of alloy)
a leu (literally, lion): the coin and monetary unit of Romania, equal to 100 bani

but wait, there's more:
ley also means, arable land put down to grass (grassland or pastureland)
used in "ley line", a line joining two prominent points in a landscape.

and of course don't forget URKEL!

kele means "to cool" (obsolete, from Chaucer). Brr. kele.

BER stands for Bit Error Rate, which means:
the fraction of a message or block of data which is wrong.
(such as, what is the BER of Christianity?)

I like the meanings of Berkeley as
-shelter from stupidity
-shelter from cunning murderous violence

of course, there's also (George) Berkeley himself: link; (wikipedia)

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