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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Reminiscing, Remembering

a few memories

I was born (Vancouver, i'm told) a bastard (out of wedlock) and given (forced?) for adoption.
Adopted, age 4, to Peggy and Larry Teshara (social worker, school administrator, resp.)
Mr. and Mrs. Fiji (foster parents), picked up in Ozzy (black 1930 Model A Ford with rumble seat)
Lived in SF, first 380 Monticello (near SF State), then 801 Darien (near St. Francis wood)
blowdart nail tube, polished rocks, goldfish pond, MG (typed up story)
baby brother (Gregory Lawrence) at age 8. born 12-3-79. “conception day” (9 months before)
Big Brother. Uncle Jesse. Jesse's girl. Uncle Tom. Mr. T.
Hennessy. Aunty Christ. Rose is a rose. Sister Christian. Rose's lime juice.
801 is where my dad (he, and my grandpa also, “Mr. T”) grew up (b/w Monterey and Ocean)
corner of manor and darien: “lord” of manor. “gulf of darien (g.o.d.)” (m.a.d.?)
Went to St. Stephen's grammar school, walked/biked to/from (near Stonestown)
recycled aluminum at Reynolds, distributed flyers, onion sacks, can-crusher in alley.
Fence windmills made nearby, lumberjack purchased, placed on fence.
Cub Pack 351 (founded? By grandpa T) (met at Commodore Sloat school) (still there?)
paper clip chains, halloween costume contest (robot), balsa car/rocket derby, scout-o-rama tickets
Troop 14 (CR rival to troop 351, founded by Dad)
night hike, snow/ski trip, trek, SRH, canoe trip, patrol outings (e.g. exploratorium), CR
1985 National Jamboree, patch collection
Made cars, boat (models); Steve Toloski's garage; nerf football; hide n seek; Aptos baseball;
Painted, built blue bmx bicycle (bicycle builder's bible), after yellow schwinn w/ banana seat
stickers, valve caps, purchased blue Oakley grips, rode track at lake merced golf course, big cranks
bicycle won from S-O-R tickets left in front of garage, stolen; sleeping bag, backpack, walkie talkies
bought unicycle at san jose flea market, brought to UCD, CR; sword missing, too.
Mike Nathan's band (drummer) (barracuda), SS class of '85. Irish Cultural Center reunion. Dance.
Led Zeppelin records from Heath White; record collection: given to Harv (Doug Biggert), Sacto:
Phil Collins, Miami Vice, Y&T (red snake art record), Scorpions, Def Leppard,
The Who, Kinks, Bob Segar, Rush, Genesis, Jethro Tull
painted (red, black) soap-box car, with rope steering; down Darien, birthday party toys, e.g. water rockets, homies, parachutists, corgi/matchbox/hotwheels, corvettes; lambo poster; framed boat pics in blue bedroom; dragon bat-shooter; choose your own adventure books; book with hero named 'jesse'.
private investigators, with Miwa Matsuno; misha and mai; basketball in garage, literotica (Anais)
king of the hill, dodgeball, foursquare, benefit run, halloween parade, fighting Crotty, Wong.
(bike) Jumping the dip at Aptos, St. Stephen's; wheelies with Mike Ruane, garage door secret,
Matt Fambrini and Brandon Sargent and Roland Dubai and ginger ale lady and Michael (motorcycle)
Andrini? Steve Toloski's friend (Steve?) Monica Madden. Christine Fuentes. Wyatt. Dirk. Edwards'.
Walgreens, black three on the tree Mercury comet, scratch, church/bar across street, vader-c interface.
Steve Hackney, Dunek, Heuser, Mazzola, Malakis, Pacelli, Pittenger

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