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Friday, June 3, 2016

My Politics

If I were a politician:

First, address suffering.  Then, seek Happiness.  Individual by Individual.  (reducing suffering is a happy project itself, of course!)  I do not mean providing a lifetime supply of heroin for all of humanity!Or even sex, for that matter.  I think the Buddhist dharma of extinguishing greed, hatred, and delusion is on the right track.  I've hopped on the 'Attachment and desire are chiefly responsible for most suffering' train.  Sometimes happiness makes you smile, and sometimes smiling makes you happy.

Basic Need met, for all, worldwide.  "Throwing money at problems" only for this category, in my opinion.  Well, there's infrastructure, too.  So that, too, I guess.  It's kind of a Social/Collective Basic Need.  There is more than enough money and goodwill on earth to meet all need.  No hunger, malnutrition, starvation (nutritious food, clean water);   Shelter and clothing and blankets;  (Quality) Healthcare, available free, for all.  Sanitation.  Free Education, Internet, Libraries available to all.

Compassion for all life
Pro-life ethic: No war, death penalty, abortion, or nuclear weapons.  No borders, no militaries, no police.  Security: Self-defense taught to all.   Universal aikido training, and global training for safe use of handguns.  I think everybody should have their own gun that nobody else can use, activated by a ring, for example.  Crazy people wouldn't get very far in a planet of global gun-ownership.  Close to my heart: No mind control, or unwanted telepathic intrusion.  As many social contracts as needed for all to agree to the law they live under.  Also, meat is murder.  Respect for all life.  (maybe excluding cockroaches, or other animals that pose health threats)

I'm voting Bernie.
Even though he's not pro-life, vegetarian, or specifically clear about his bank plan.  He IS, however, right about most everything else:  College should be free, elections shouldn't be bought, those who work hard shouldn't live in poverty, healthcare is a human right, war is hell/obscene, and people like the Waltons should pay their fair share. 

If libraries are free, and the internet has wikipedia and free college courses, and higher education used to be paid for by the government for soldiers after ww2 (for example), then we should see the current system for what it is, a scam and a profit-seeking enterprise that can and should be made free for anyone who qualifies.  People can still pay, of course, if they want to (but why would we?).

Humans are animals that are basically programmed to eat and reproduce.  That's one perspective on the big picture.  Abortion is like the holocaust, and even more sinister, in a way, convincing pregnant mothers to kill their own babies.  It's inhuman and obscene.  Adoption, on the other hand, is kind and loving and human, a noble act that I, having been adopted myself, am grateful and appreciative for.

That's what I have to say.
You, a God of equal stature, are free to believe otherwise!

So that's my politics.

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