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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

"Make Believe"

fiction, false, untrue, unreal, imaginary!

What a funny term!
Religion makes things "really real" through repetition and ritual.
So that's why I'm making the term a post on my "God's Blog", always in search of enlightenment, clarity, understanding, and truth!

I guess I should have thought critically about the expression when I heard it as a kid, but I'm only comparing the literal meaning with the expressed meaning now, age 43 (!), after hearing the term as a refrain in a song I just heard on ucla radio.


"suspension of disbelief" is what makes a movie or book or story engaging and virtually real.
and belief in lies makes them operative in the lives of the believers, with real results.
     -do people who believe in and hope for heaven have happier deaths, for example?

we also have to work at making belief in things that are in fact true, too!

true lies
art imitates life, life imitates art.
i have wondered, wandering the library, how much truth, for example, is contained in all the books in the mystery genre.  Are the authors channeling true crime?  Is the process of writing and creativity and inspiration somehow psychic, perhaps? (revealing the hidden, if not as clues, then as exposure of secrets and skeletons, in the entire world's closets, as it were!)

while I'm at it, "believing IN" (something or someone) is a weird expression, too.

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