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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Taking Care of Myself

today's Kaiser group topic
17 item list:

1)Eat Right
less/no meat, portion control: not too much/too little
soda, candy, ice cream, chips, junk food -reduce/limit
gnc protein powder, omega3/vitaminC, 8 cups of water
occasional restaurant meals; practice, improve cooking

Ymca: lift, swim, bike, run
"daily maintenance" or, preferably, improvement

3)Keep Busy
structure, to-do lists, online

4)Enough Sleep
early to bed, early to rise. 7-8 hours, alarm.  Naps.

social (family, friends, roommates), jokes, positive

6)Stay in Budget
tally income/expenses, free food/meals

7)Kaiser group (Thurs. mornings)

order by mail, on time
nightly routine (ingest, in Jess T, in jest?)(olanzapine/risperdal)

Berkeley Shambala Center, Yoga to the People (both in Bkly)
breathe :-)

10)Walk Dogs
Tuesdays in San Leandro: Fido and Taco

itunes, kalx (sometimes awards free tickets), whrb

book-a-day, 1001 list, magazines, daily NY Times
frequent trips to the local library

blog, email, notebooks

dance/romance, okcupid, match.com

hiking, camping, parks, beach, outdoors

brush teeth/floss/mouthwash
shower/shave/deodorant/clean clothes
look good, smell good, feel good

17)Variety!Try new things, mix it up.

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