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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Jesse update

busy, busy!

I walked Fido and Taco today, in San Leandro.  took bart from bkly.
I bought a Chipotle burrito there- I've tried both v offerings.
I saw Wild Tales (movie) yesterday, with my aunt (the nun).
We had (Bongo) burgers afterward.  and froyo.
I bought GNC protein powder today.
(i didn't read the nytimes or exercise at the ymca today, for a change)
I also ate a (free!) meal at a local bkly taqueria today.
tomorrow is Kaiser group -I usually walk Marcel after.
Augustus had his first birthday on the 5th, and I went to his Little Prince theme party.
I read the Little Prince, at the library, for the 1st time, the day before.
I had dinner with my folks and T&J sunday/easter eve. @801.
Marcel got attacked by another dog while I was walking him.  everyone's ok.
Still working on Generation Kill (book), that Sam lent me.
RM gave me The Week magazine, to read.
I'm going to house/dog-sit, this weekend.
hope to finish GK, read science of discworld, and see Going Clear.
my temporary crown fell out, from the BFC (bkly free clinic)
hopefully I'll get the real one put in next Wednesday (15th).
i didn't win tonight's superlotto.  but I entered the 2nd chance.
i've been listening to baroque music on my itunes radio.
i danced to Clubbed to Death (kurayamino remix) the other night, off grooveshark.
I read the interview with Bill Gates in Rolling Stone, from the library.
Monday, I helped take care of Augustus, for Pierre.
I did laundry today.  super-exciting news, I know.

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