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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Looking for a New Place

in the Bay Area: looking to pay $650/mo, or less

Greetings, Friends!

I have just been made aware by my landlord that my current room in (southwest) Berkeley won't be available anymore, starting February '15, so I'm informing all my friends that I am officially looking for a new room to rent! I plan to move at the end of January, or sooner.

I have a preference for the Bay Area, as I have family in San Francisco, and friends in the East Bay, and a YMCA membership in Berkeley. I also love the weather here, libraries, Kaiser, etc.

Please let me know if you know of -or have- anything becoming available.
(either a Studio, or a room of my own in an apartment or house)

About me:
I walk dogs, receive social security/disability income, enjoy writing, have a blog-
I am 43, male, single, straight, have never been in debt or evicted,
am friendly, respectful, clean and neat, responsible,
no drugs, nonsmoking, will not have pets, will often be out,
quiet (I listen to computer/music with headphones),
and I don't watch much tv (I'm actually a bit of a bookworm).
I go to the Y almost daily (I love to swim), as well as the library.
I ride my bike and take BART everywhere (I don't have a car),
so I don't need a parking space.

I also consider myself a student, although I am not enrolled or paying money for schooling, and am attempting to read a book-a-day, in addition to the daily news. I went to UC Davis, and have a degree in International Relations, and speak some Spanish (but am a bit rusty). Before that, I got a Jesuit education at SI in SF (class of '89) .

My phone is 510-590-0327

I look forward to hearing from you!
p.s. the sooner I arrange my housing situation, the better, I think.  The latest I can move in is February, and the earliest, now...although I would, if possible, like to use my paid last month's rent for my current location, of course.

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