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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Death, nonexistence, & oblivion

it's NOT eternal blackness and silence, though

Once you die, there is no experiencing of nihility.  It's over.  No suffering, and no joy.  No light, no darkness.  No silence, no sound. And no "waking up," either, on some other dimension, astral plane, heaven or hell or purgatory, or being reborn as another human being or other animal, etc.

How do I presume to know this?  I just do.  I'm smart.  It's the only thing that makes sense.

Souls don't exist.  There isn't a ghost, holy or otherwise, inhabiting your body.  You aren't possessed.  You are, of course, a vessel for memes.  But there's no part of you that will outlast your life.  To dust you shall return.

Prayer may be able to heal you, and you may sense vibes, and you might hear voices -presumeably from someone who's "got your number," - but a vaporous being/self that can enter and exit your body, and survive your death, is nonsense (apart from memories, however detailed, of those that knew you).

I realize the telepathic connection to a mind may be a bit difficult to swallow, but it's my reality, so I'm running with it.  If you think God can hear your prayers, then obviously you already believe in telepathy.   Who hears who and why is the real question.

Death is black, quiet, and cold.  It is also final, eternal, and dumb.  It is rotten, smelly, and dirty.  Dusty, you might say.  Even your bones will decay, eventually.  Time, on the other hand, never ends.

There was no beginning of time, and there will be no end, either.   Trillions of years will pass.  Unfathomable reaches of space and time loom ahead.  Always, forever, eternity, infinity.

Have a nice day.

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