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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Season's Greetings!

What I want for Christmas!

It's said that it's harder to buy for people, as they get older, so here's my list:


I could stop at that, really, but here are some things I want (to spend it on):
(maybe from REI, I have a membership):
tent, binoculars, frame backpack, and shoes: running, hiking, tennis. 

both a page-a-day (I liked this year's word origin calendar),
and pocket calendar (such as my godfather gives out), or wall calendar

-a Trader Joe's gift certificate
-online paysites: match.com, lumosity, joe frank
-community classes: speed reading, aikido
-a vacuum (carpet) (the local tool library doesn't have/loan them, argh)

I usually get a book or two for x-mas, but I've got access to:
-5 public libraries in berkeley (central, north, south, claremont, and soon to be west)
-the GTU (graduate theological union) library on holy hill (in bkly)
-Cal's libraries, too (you can get access, even if you're not a student there, if you get approval for a research topic)
-I occasionally go to an Oakland library, too.
That really IS enough to keep me busy.
the only book I want that's not in the system (including link+, I checked) is Adi Da's 8 volume 'Aletheon'.  it's 180  bucks, though.  The GTU really should have it, in my opinion.  Maybe they would help pay for it, if I offered to donate it to their library...  Actually, Cal might have it.  I need to check, first.

If anyone's feeling especially generous (I should put it out there, right?)
travel (like a cruise, or a trip to spain or france)
a car (a tesla would do nicely)
an apartment with a kitchen
a house, wife, kid(s)

Honestly, I've got pretty much everything I want, I'm content, so thanks in advance for whatever.

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