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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Was Hitler actually good?

muckraker me

Hi. My name is Jesse. You can call me Jess. It's Jesse without an I, in case you aren't reading this. I have two eyes, or four if you count my glasses, or 5 if you count my inner eye, but my name, which isn't me by the way, has none. My mom has a sister who is a nun. Aunty-christ, ha. My full name is Jesse Lawrence Teshara. Lawrence is my father's name. He goes by Larry, or Mr. T. His dad, my granddad, also went by Mr. T, so the moniker, in my family, predates the A-team guy. My grandpa's name was Ben, as in Benedict, not Benjamin. I'd like to think the pope was just giving propers to my grandfather, the milkman -he owned Sun Valley Dairy in San Francisco. That's why the next pope chose Francis, right? Grandpa T was a boxer, before that. I've been in a few fights, myself.  Few, phew. I'm a pacifist, though. I have a poster on my wall with a picture of Albert Einstein sticking out his tongue, with a quote below. Maybe you've seen it? It says, among other things, “killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder.” I saw this poster when I was in high school, and I thought to myself back then, yeah that's right. I've always thought war was stupid. I also read Hiroshima in high school, which really really makes war seem utterly retarded. So I'm anti-nukes, too, just like Einstein, even though he was partly responsible for the invention of the damn things. I've since read The Secret, which purportedly reveals the secret to success in life. Among other things, it says being anti-war only creates more war, as weird or counter-intuitive as that may sound. You have to state your goals positively. In other words, you must be Pro-Peace. Anti-war rallies just don't cut it. How does one reframe anti-nukes into pro-something? What's the word? Pro-UN, I guess. I wish it was pro-Obama.  Anyway, I avoided the military-industrial complex, and decided against applying for the USNA -Annapolis-, even though my dad's brother, Tom Teshara, was the Naval Academy's recruiter for the west coast. Instead, I went to UC Davis, where I majored in International Relations, with an emphasis in third world development, and a minor in Spanish. I've never worked in the field, though. I went crazy, is the technical term for it, I guess.  Insane in the membrane.  I've never even been to a spanish-speaking country, and I only use my spanish on rare occasions, such as at taquerias, so I've fallen out of practice. I've also become vegetarian, so I don't go to taquerias as much anymore. Hitler was a vegetarian, I've read, which strikes me as odd. Apparently, animals had more value than humans for him.  Not that humans aren't animals.   It makes me wonder if he really wasn't all that bad a guy, after all. I mean, did he ever actually kill anyone, himself? Or did he just tell others to?  It seems to me he might have merely been angry, and exercising his right to free speech. We've all been angry, right? And it seems carnivores in our day in age might, if you did a tally, kill a lot more animals than maybe Hitler ever did. He was hateful, but maybe his hands weren't as dirty as everyone seems to assume. Maybe you'll run into Hitler in heaven! I'm just saying, maybe your average american is worse than Hitler. And people are just animals with thumbs, language, and tools. Really, people are just ants in the grand scheme of things.  We're infinitesimal in an infinite universe. That's why it's called ANT-hropology. Ants are people, too! We should respect all life, in my opinion. Of course, if you eat yogurt, you could just as well be a cannibal, right?  Hannibal the cannibal was a cultured individual.  I'm pro-life, because life does begin at conception, and adoption is the loving choice, as I can attest, because I'm adopted, and got lucky, I'd say. I'm also grateful I wasn't aborted, although sometimes the devil gets me down. Every single one of us, the devil inside. 4-evil (d is the 4th letter).  It has been shown, for example, that legal abortion lowers the crime rate.  I just read that recently, forgot where. But it's still wrong.  Immoral, that is to say.   Which is just another way of saying i don't like it, and disapprove.  So what's right, you ask? Did you hear about the guy who lost his entire left side in a horrific sawmill accident? He's all right now! Yuk yuk yuk! Thou shalt not kill, sayeth the lord. Lord almighty!  The peerage like that phrase, I gather.  But the Lady might think it's sexist. Lord stands for L or D, which could be life or death, or light or darkness, or Liz or David, or fill in the blanks, yourself. How many L words are there, and how many D words? Time to check the OED, with a calculator. C u later, cal q later! God is a man of war who doesn't kill anyone?  That's what hell's for.  A punishment worse than death.  Anyway, yeah the 10 commandments are different from the law, which I think would be interesting to look at, in detail. Apparently, the bible was referring to manslaughter (no laughing matter), while american jurisprudence covers a slew (pardon the pun) of different categories (pardon the gory-ness).  all for now, just today's rant.

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