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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Oh, the places I've been

A chronology of location

-born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to Annette Riddle

-Paradise, CA with birth-family

-San Francisco, CA:
foster home with Mr. and Mrs. Fiji
-adopted age 4, 380 Monticello St., SF by Larry and Peggy Teshara
-moved, 801 Darien Way, SF:
trips to Cazadero, CA (summer camp, BSA, Royaneh),
Reno NV by train,
Anaheim (Disneyland),
Virginia/D.C./NYC (national scout jamboree '85),
Annapolis MD (visiting the US Naval Academy),

-Davis, CA (matriculated at UCD, '89-'93):
bicycled to Lake Berryessa
went with OA (Outdoor Adventures) on a whitewater rafting trip, south fork of the american river.
drove to Lancaster, CA to meet Sarah Salazar, birth-sister
excursions to Sacramento, to see annual Spike and Mike film festivals
Dixon May Fair (demolition derby!), with dad

I lived in 14 places in Davis:
4 college years:
Bixby 4
(410 freshman -carlo ruggieri, caleb ward)
( 425 sophomore -mark thiess),
68 aspen village (-doug smith, mike, andy mak) plus jared
B St. (-erik beever, bob davis, john sims, sam)

staying after college:
University ave. (next to the Hillel House, across the st. from campus -bill, adam, res sacharoff, stu finkel)
apt. in east davis (-chris keck)

back to SF: 801 (-mom and dad), then room in house near stern grove (-cecilia han)
trip to Shingle Springs, CA (-kim's truck)
then a stretch at the Int'l Student Center, SOMA (south of market), SF

back to davis, round 2:
apt. in central davis (just me, visited by ellen)
apt. in east davis (-steve dunek)
-briefly homeless-
jessica's, then trailer in south davis (-larry myers)

Rosemont, on wildrose ave., a leone pena board and care: sally, theresa, tim and tom, steve hackney, moody) plus toby miller
Midtown apt, 17th and P (-Jim Marquis)
trip to key west by greyhound from sacramento (and all points in between), during spring break.
Midtown studio, also 17th and P (just me. Robert Thorley, landlord, upstairs)

W. Sacramento, house (-david andrew eldridge)

back to Sac,
Rosa Bagley board and care, 4 places, last one behind shopping center (-Gary, cook)
N. Sac, Wildhurst ave., room and board (-charles, eric, alethea (lee), robert, beersheba, etc.)

then jail, (Sac county, ASH -Atascadero State Hospital) 10 months.
Sac, Doug's, one night
Rosemont, again, briefly

then, back to Davis (round 3):
east davis, near cemetary (-hong, joe, jeff, brandi)
west davis apt., The Trees 
north davis apt., on sycamore

with Sara:
Roseville (campo, near rhs),
San Francisco (hearst ave., near St. Fin Bar),
Cobb (Lake County),
Calistoga (on Myrtle)
Auburn (downstairs, Ken and Michael's)
Berkeley (Haskell)
with trips to Tahoe, Ca and
China (Beijing, Shanghai, Xian)

Now: Berkeley (Russell street) (-tony, annie, mesfin, marco, alyssa, christine)

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