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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Life is Good

three ways of saying it

2)Thou shalt not kill
3)Consistent life ethic

first refers usually to abortion
second to manslaughter (I read somewhere)
third to the 4+ realms of (opposition to): abortion, capital punishment, war, and meat

1)I'm pro-life because I'm adopted, and I believe/think adoption is the only humane choice.

2)I oppose capital punishment, in all cases, because nothing rights the original wrong, and prisoners lives can have value, without resorting to the base motive of revenge as supposed justice.
I am opposed to hell, in all its forms, such as torture or psy war against/by inmates.  Prisoners can do science, earn degrees, read books on to tape, live in a healthy community, get married and have children, and otherwise live fulfilling lives, which should be our goal, in my view, as opposed to dismal, bullied, raped, insecure, and pathetic lives of incarcerated punishment.  As Kaiser says, "thrive" (vs. endure).

3)War, ugh.  There's apparently a doctrine of "just" war, but I think always and everywhere, we should engage in diplomacy, and look to creating separate states for every community that desires alternate governance.   I believe in peace through "just do it", instead of peace through strength, which usually seems to be peace through dominance, coercion, and submission.

4)Humans are animals, too.  If we eat other animals, as those on the top of the food chain, we contribute to moral decay, physical unhealth, environmental degradation, and untold suffering.   Thought experiment: if superior beings conquered earth, would we humans like to be processed into their food?

I admit I love to eat meat.  Ribs, burgers, steaks, roast beef sandwiches, skirt steak, thanksgiving turkey, beef jerky, veal, kung pao, kfc, it's all so delicious.   We carnivores, anticipating our own bodies being consumed by cemetary worms, take revenge on unkind fate's oblivion by devouring every kind of life.  I think it's a sin.  I think all life is sacred.   Even bugs.   I'm going with the assumption that plants aren't conscious.  I'm going to stop buying meat, but I'll eat whatever's offered me, and not be a missionary towards vegetarianism, other than these comments here in my blog.  Everyone has a right to life, literally.   Even the death-eaters, to use a harry potter term.

Hunting, I would like to add, is abhorrent.  It may seem laudable to kill your own food, but society and civilization are no longer reliant on hunting and gathering, and it is no longer necessary to kill to eat.  The culture of death (and guns) in America stops with vegetarianism.

No murder, no war (ever), no induced abortion, no capital punishment, no hunting, and no meat.  Just happily alive, celebrating life. 

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