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Friday, May 3, 2013

the tech I want

here's what I'm looking for

1)I want a compact, portable device that
-easily switches between online radio stations
(e.g. whrb, wmbr, kalx, kzsu, kcpr, gdradio.net)
-a single button to push to scroll through would be cool-
(i.e. online radio presets)
-as would voice commands- (e.g. "pandora, tallis scholars")
(or "philosophy talk, most recent", or
"joe frank, where I left off" or "continued",or
"newest cirque du soleil videos on youtube")
-with a display of song title, band, album, year
(and i guess label, although I don't actually care about that)

aside: my (apple MacBook) itunes does the presets, so ANyway...

2)automatically muted commercials,
or the option to pay for no commercials
or to select commercials for products i'm actually interested in / in the market for)
(or all of the above!)

3)ALL books, a universal library, available online
a) access to audio books, and/or maybe software that could read to you?
b) and software that translates
(around the world, as well as in jails/prisons)

4)the ability to print my blog (so it's also on paper, in addition to "the cloud")

5) recording ability for online radio, to listen to shows later (e.g. whrb orgies)

all for now

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