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Thursday, January 24, 2013

the passion of christ

that's what they call the crucifixion

they being christians
passion, for the rest of us, is 1)enthusiasm, or 2)sex

as in "the throes of passion"
sex can also be called coitus, copulation, or the horizontal mambo.
or, "the beast with two backs"

the sign of the beast is 666
xxx, and fox, are 666
(x is the 24th letter, f is the 6th, o is the 15th)

porn and fox news are the antichrist?

sex makes babies
and babies "go toward the light"
and the process of childbirth is painful (excruciating)
cruc is the crux is the cross (to bear)

so if a man, like -say- Jesus wants to be a symbolic woman
and have symbolic sex (the holy trinity of holes: oral, anal, vaginal)
then fellatio, etc. can be approximated in "cum-union" (communion) wafer/host
and if he wants to be reborn, simulating the birth of his own child/dna,
then crucifixion pain would seem an apt correlation to birth
and being the "light of the world", coming out of the cave
would be coming out of the uterus

but it's all shit, in my opinion.
shit comes out into the light, too.

holy shit
nailing and penetration
neo nailed trinity, lol

money -my one (god is One)

$, $ why have you forsaken me.
gettin laid and gettin paid

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