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Here's a quote from Fyodor Dostoevsky to start things off right: Love the animals, love the plants, love everything. If you love everything, you will perceive the divine mystery in things. Once you perceive it, you will begin to comprehend it better every day. And you will come at last to love the whole world with an all-embracing love.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I am

I don't require, or even request, admiration, adulation, celebration, or validation.

There is no God but the good that you or I or we do and are.  Without creating God, there is no God.  God is real, but only what we make of Him.

This is what I believe.  If you are not God, then you should be an atheist.   You yourself are your primary reality.  I am not an independent God for you to worship.  I merely bring the truth -which is holy and Godly and good- that all goodness is the incarnation of God, and it is up to you to make real the oft-worded street phrase "it's all good" or even "all right."  Make your life all good.  This is not to say there is no bad or evil in the world.   What I am saying is we can make good of any and all circumstances - that even the most cruel, insidious evil can be converted into the most sacred of blessings.   Loving kindness trumps horror and suffering.   We are all basically good.  Depravity is a twisted form of saintliness.  Love is all-powerful.   To make God real, I am, and love you (all).  Glee: God loves everyone equally, and has no preference or exclusionary attachments.   Pleasure is of course preferable to pain, psychic or physical, and will always be so.

So love one another, make love, love life, love everything, become love, and be good: do good, think good, say good, make good of all life offers  you.  Eschew evil.  What other message could a God conceive of to relate?  Well, be happy, of course.  Living the good life should be fun.  Strive to be an example, a role model, to be pleasant and humorous, to be -as the army used to say- all that you can be, a paragon of virtue, a holy, jolly, incarnation of our highest ideals, a person for others, a servant of development, a friend and companion to all, a respected and appreciated and much-loved member of society, a source of wisdom and succor, a diminished of suffering, a creator of comfort, a bringer of bliss, and a source of strength.


reduce the wrongness
increase the peace
tap into happiness
and love life

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