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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Allah, Obama, and God

some linguistic numerology weirdness

'GOD' is composed of
G, the 7th letter of the english alphabet
O, the 15th, and
D, the 4th

7+15+4=26. 2+6=8
(there are 26 letters in the english alphabet)

'Allah' sums to 7, as does 'Jesus Christ' (2,5)
But I wanted to point out that, Allah can be split into 'All-a-H'
which could be interpreted, substituting H for God, as
All a God (which is what my blog is saying: we're all (a) God)

Obama can be broken down into 'Am a OB'
OB sums to 8, too...am a God (my point, exactly)

some words that sum to 2:
hey, uh, on, jesus, christian, jew, beast, it, president, white, black, time, death, monkey, force, light, africa, etc...

H can also mean
hospital, harvard..
(honda, hydrogen, heroin, hannibal)
the floor plan of my jesuit high school (St. Ignatius in San Francisco)

Don't H8! Don't be a h8er!
heart, rearranged is hater..
death, rearranged, is hated..

It's unfortunate that 'Islam' can be split into 'I-slam'
(which evokes the WTC disaster on 9-11-01 over a decade ago)

by the way
Mitt Romney is 8, 9 (I can sum the letters pretty quick in my head).
'politics' is 4. The book of numbers it the 4th book of the bible. blah, blah, blah.

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Greg said...

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What a travesty for God's people if that were to take place today.

Bernhard Rust (Minister of Science, Education and National Culture in Nazi Germany), in a speech to a mass meeting of German Christians on June 29, 1933 said, "If anyone can lay claim to God's help, then it is Hitler,..." It has been stated that Hitler's favorite Bible verse was Romans 13:1.