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Friday, January 7, 2011

The Efficacy of Prayer

Weird, but apparently prayer works

It's the last chapter, pg. 896, of a book I just bought with my Barnes and Noble gift certificate, called The Owner's Manual for The Brain (everyday applications from mind-brain research)

It says,
half of a group of 393 cardiology patients who were prayed for by home prayer groups were 5x less likely to require antibiotics and 3x less likely to develop fluid in the lungs, reported from a 1988 review.

Another instance of impressive results is a study in which 10 people focused their prayers on retarding the growth of a laboratory fungus, while they were 15 miles from the fungus. Over 70% of the cultures showed retarded growth. The results were duplicated 16 times (out of 16). (!)

Speaking of prayer, my uncle Tom is having heart surgery on Monday, January 24. So join me if you like in praying for a safe surgery and healthy recovery. Thanks!

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