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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

My wife says I am a bad person

probably for several reasons. She fell asleep in bed and says I "yelled" at her. She says that alot, when in my view, I just raise my voice. I can't recall ever actually yelling at her. I'm still bad, though: She asked me recently would I receive a million dollars if I knew someone would die because of it, and I said yes.

I mean, you'd be set for life with a mil, no?

and the environmentalists keep saying there's too many people for a sustainable world.

and what ARE people actually worth?
Let's see, I'm 38 and say I have 70 years ahead of me. 365x70x x


That's about 39.20 per day

Are people, writ large, worth that much? 6.7B ppl
Probably more, in fact, I'm guessing.
All the money in the world, right now, totals to:

US dollars:
M1(cash plus checking)=1,655.6B
M2(+money mkt accounts, savings, and cd's)=$8,326.8 billion
M3(plus large cd's)=10.3T

The public funds injected into the economy total about 11T.
No one online knows? what a mess.

10 bucks a day seems like it should be sufficient.
I bought a Haagen-Dazs everyday on that, when that was my allowance.


Relevant Wikipedia info:
Gross world product (GWP) is the total gross national product of all the countries in the world. This also equals the total gross domestic product. See measures of national income and output for more details. The per capita GWP in 2008 was approximately $10,500 US dollars (USD). The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), in their Third Assessment Report (TAR), predicts a maximum per-capita gross world product in 2100 of approximately $140,000 (in year 2000 dollars). Sometimes term Gross Planetary Product (GPP) is also used for same concept.[

So 6.7 Billion multiplied by 10,500 dollars is the GPP (in dollars).
That's 70.35T (or $70,350,000,000,000 USD)
That's around $28.77 a day.

A mil is about the price of 95 years, then.

but wait, there's smore's:
There's this bit of economic data to wrap your head around-

"Although precise data is not available, the total household wealth in the world has been estimated at $125 trillion in year 2000. 90% of this wealth is held by people in North America, Europe, and high-income Asian countries, and 1% of adults are estimated to hold 40% of world wealth, a number which falls to 32% when adjusted for purchasing power parity.[4]"

So, I ask you, playing devil's advocate, what would you do with 130T dollars, lol?
What's 125T divided by 6.7B? 125,000/6.7=18,676 usd.

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