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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Time and again

Apparently, there are different kinds of time.
No time, no time, I got got got got no time (cool song by The Guess Who)
I'm not talking past, present, future, or an eternal now or whatever.

but this:
-my wormtongue parseltongue is time breaks down to 'that is me'
is it you? U2? your time? is it past your time? south park's Tim-may!
all good things to those who wait- in time, in time, my child
-good times? what's your favorite time? (4:20?)
there is a time for every purpose under heaven...
in that case, Can I designate 6:30AM as the time to start
combatting poverty and disease and creating better quality of living around the world?

there's solar, lunar, gregorian, greenwich mean, etc.
there's daylight savings time, real time, lent and ordinary time, AND

I've just discovered there's linear, polynomial, discrete, and subquadratic times. I have no clue what these are.

There are body biorhythms, and what I suspect are subjective senses of time,
affected by food, drugs, fight or flight, etc. Creatures with short lifespans may experience time like we do, in the sense that their "moments" are equal to ours. I mean a fly that lives a week might just be living the equivalent of 10 years in every day, psychologically.

My time is down. I don't really want my time to be up.

As the guy on tv who wears clocks and formerly belonged to fear of a black planet or menace ii society or whatever, I ask 'do you know what time it is? It's time to get ill, I think.

i yield my time to the gentleman from Chicago.

I think there may be a time machine
Of course, the entire field/discipline/practice of history and people telling stories about yesterday or whatever is a kind of time machine. People who make the future can always pretend to say they've seen it, too. (So maybe Morpheus is like Bill Gates). Alright, Gods, I'm out. time out, like timetables in spacetime. Peace.

Girls just want to have fun, time after time. -Cyndi Lauper

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